The hit tv series Vampire Diaries is now casting various roles throughout the season. This is an amazing opportunity for any aspiring actor that is interested in breaking into the entertainment industry.

The Vampire Diaries are back their fourth season. This supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin William series. The show follows the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) a seventeen your old girl that falls for a 162 year old vampire Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Casting Calls for Background Artists have begun.

The season will focus on Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore adjusting to Elena’s new life as a vampire and their search for the cure of Vampirism and will introduce a new villain in the process (Wiki).

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  1. I am very interest in a role in The Vampire Diaries. I went to Carnegie Mellon University and studied filmmaking, performance, and various art practices. I love both the show and the books and would like to audition for the show. My website is and I can certainly send head shots upon request!

    Thank you Project Casting!

  2. Hey! My name is Samantha Kasten and I am extemely interested in a role in The Vanpire Diaries! I am a 19 year old college student trying to pursue a career as an actress. I am a quick learner and can memorize scripts easily. I am a dancer as well so I have learned to be confident when performing. I know I can do this, I just need a chance to prove it. I would be very grateful for an opportunity to audition! Thanks so much for your time!

  3. hi, my name is Michelle. Ive been working on getting into show business. I’m 22 years old, been modeling since i was 14years old. in the past three years I wanted to try hosting on TV broad casts which Ive done two. one for Dennis cash in Cleveland Ohio and one for Grant for girls night out Charlotte NC. Been in two short films, one horror film and one history based film. been in one music video and many promotion casting calls. I know I would be a great addition to the team of Vampire Dairies television show. Right now I’m living in NC. I travel out of state all the time for casting calls because it’s my passion. I have many good reference to say im always on time and ready to start a new project with some much dedication.

  4. I am a bi-lingual (German) 49 year old Caucasian female and have some BG experience. I would love to try out for a spot as an Original (German lines) or as a member of the Council. I haven’t yet submitted because I am usually not in the age group that is posted. Patiently waiting my time to come. Love the show (hooked), break a leg ev1.

  5. Hi! I am interested in auditioning for a role in The Vampire Diaries! I’m a hard worker and constantly improving my talent. I promise you that I am a blast to work with and would love the opportunity to be a part of this show. I’m not too bad looking on the eyes either 🙂

  6. Greetings, presently working to increase my professional exposure and build on some recent acting workshops. I am interested in broading my experience in a developed story. Please take a look at my IMDB, new to the industry and just working my tail off to gain experience. Thank you for your time.


  7. Hey Project Casting! my name is Rachel Herndon i am 18 and honestly i have never watched the vampire diaries but would love to become a fresh face in the season and give it a chance, i am confident and obedient as well as outgoing,

  8. Hey Project Casting!!! My name is Shakira Gibbons. I am definitely new to this website but not to acting. I would love the opportunity to be cast in this show. I am a team player, a very hard worker, and I love people. I have a very happy personality and I am easy to get along with. I am hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Hi! My name is Ashlyn Bruni. I am 18 years old and am very passionate about acting. I can play any type of character needed! I would LOVE to have an opportunity to be a part of this show. It seems like a great experience. I currently live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but i am willing to travel! For any information you can feel free to email me at [email protected]!

  10. I live in Atlanta and this would be a great opportunity for me to showcase my acting abilities and break into the “other side”. I’ve done plenty of extra work and acted in several indy films, but most of them aren’t getting much exposure. I’ve recently picked up a role for a TV Pilot that will be filming in November with some of the crew members of “The Vampire Diaries”. A chance to audition would be awesome!.

  11. This site is awesome, thanks for following me @ProjectCasting ! Even though I don’t live in GA, I like driving to Atlanta since they have some of the best projects going on right now. One show I haven’t been able to get on is Vampire Diaries, because I don’t live in Atlanta and they specifically request locals. I hope I get to eventually because I love this show and I also love traveling around and being an extra(background artist), and nothing would be more awesome than getting to work on your favorite show! 🙂

  12. Gutentag, ich bin wessel scholten und ich komme aus die Niederlande. ich habe eine grose schwanz und ich wollte mir gerne verugbar stellen fur die figuranten angebot. ich bin siebtsehn jarhe alt und ich bin sehr schon.
    bounjour, j mappelle wessel scholten. je suis 17 ans. j’ai un garcon de la pays-bas
    jeg har en stur kuk
    jag gillar tuttar

  13. Im extremely interested for this casting call, im 17 (can play off for a 21 year old), reside in Miami FL, To be honest i dont really have experience in acting but i know i have a lot of potential and i can exceed your expectations.

  14. Hi. I would love to be on the show. I have watched it from the beginning and love it! I have two lead actress roles in two horror films right now, prior to this I did theatre. I am also a model. I would really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration. 🙂

  15. Hey my name is De’Vaughn, I play sports, but I also love acting, writing, and singing. I would love to be on vampire diaries and want to audition. So wheres the audition information

  16. Hello,

    My name is Jessica Lynn Bruderick. Please Consider me for a role in “vampire diaries” or any upcoming programs you have. I am 22 years old born June 26th 1990. I am 5’5″ flat footed. I have a slim athletic look with medium length brown hair(I have no problem with dying my hair a different color). I am a funny and outgoing girl. Just give it some thought and let me know. Have a wonderful day.


  17. My name is Tiffany-Marie Franklin, I am a 19 year old aspiring actress living in Los Angeles, Ca. I would be a great addition to the cast because I believe I fit in to the general look of most if not all of the characters I see on the show. I get along very well with others, and I am very easy-going and adaptable, I love to learn new things and meet new people.
    I am very passionate about acting and I am looking into expanding my experiences in the field.
    This would be an amazing experience both personally and professionally to have the honor of playing any role or even an extra on the show.

    I am 5’5 with brunette hair and blue/green eyes. I weigh 130 lb. and wear a size 5 in jeans and dresses.

    Thank you!

  18. Hi, So excited you are coming back.I worked with you on #3 so I hope to work with you again.I was not seen directly so I should be fine to work again.I `am a` ba`ckground extra and have had some featured shots and done some casting too.Thank you,Esther!“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

  19. Vampire’s have always been my “thing” lol! I am blood hungry to land a spot of any kind in the production of Vampire Diaries, oh yeah !! If the Casting Director would like me to submit info, I can definately do that! I am new talent and this would be an opportunity for sure. Best regards!! 😀

  20. I have been trying to break the industry for a while now, but I’ve failed and came across many scams. I’m excited to get such a huge chance that could lead to my dreams of an acting career coming true. I follow you on Twitter for updates and feel like this is my chance. I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity. Please consider me and I would so appreciate it. Thanks!

  21. hello I’m Fred Capitano,review IMDB.also explore talent.I have custom ft dentures holly wood smile these come out and fangs go in I’m a vampire,man of many rolls, look fore ward to a email for casting thank you Fred the Gambler Capitano

  22. I just responded with the information, I hope this is one of my opportunities..Thanks Project Casting

  23. Vampires appeal to the darker, grittier part in all of us that so often we’re asked to keep a secret. However, this is where the truth about humanity lies–this is what is interesting. We have an obligation to let this secret out.
    It would be an amazing opportunity as a young person to be a part of Vampire Diaries because it gives permission to be open about the things that might not be so picture-perfect and those things that make us interesting.
    Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and though I’m young I have a lot to share with the world and I think it is time for the world to hear it. Nobody wants a caricature, they want honesty and passion in a character and I can bring that.
    Also, I already have vampire teeth 😉
    I’d love to be considered for a role, and I very strongly believe in your show!!!!!

  24. Hey I’m Jennifer Henry, I have emailed already, and hope you consider me!
    I promise I won’t let you down if you give me a chance.
    Headshot and information requested is all in the email. Thank you so very much for this opportunity!

  25. Hello! I am an up and coming actress in Atlanta and would love so be considered for this show as background artist!!! I have always had a fascinations about vampires!! and I love this show!! Look forward to hearing from you!!!

  26. I am a professional actor in Canada. sci fi, supernatural, fantasy, and horror are my favorite genre of film both for watching and acting. I have appeared on television have done various independent films as well as commercial work. I have at least seven credits on IMDB just search Andy Malone and that’s me. I would love to be a part of the show either as a one time character or recurring. I am mostly interested in principal acting roles and hope to hear from you. cheers

  27. I am a fan of The Vampire Diaries and an upcoming actress.
    I have submitted, Break a leg everyone best of luck.

  28. I’m interested. I enjoy the show & if they’re casting for a middle age vampire I’d love to audition. I have been contacted by the directors of Lilyhammer 2 which will be filming in Norway.

  29. First of, I just want to say Thank you so much for this opportunity! you do not have any idea how much this means to me! I love vampire diaries! I mean what isnt there to love. It has , Everyday drama, passion, pain, Romance etc! I really look forward to being on the show it will definitely be a life changing experience for me! Again Thank you!

  30. I submitted my email and phone number my name is brian williams im from tampa floridaa im 5,10 150 pounds black hair and brown eyes im currently looking to becoming a upcoming actor ! Thanks so much i hope you consider me.

  31. Hey, my name is Catherine Harris. I’m 19 yrs old. I’m looking to breakout into the acting world and would love to have the opportunity to tryout for this part.

  32. I love the vampire diaries! I live in Covington where most of the show is filmed. I was a cheerleader in highschool and I hope I get to recieve the opportunity!

  33. I am Diana Rodriguez, and would be very honored to be part of you film, I very dedicated with anything I do, and I won’t spend over $3,500 and more to become an actress for nothing .
    I love being on camera, I go for auditions, I have my reel on YouTube, and I even do lots of background extra to get a feel of action, check out my reel on YouTube (Diana reel iPad) you’ll see my monologue and even my commercial on (megarandyjones ). So remember me when calling for audition.

    Thank you
    Diana Rodriguez .

  34. Hello, my name is Catherine Remaley and I am interested In starring in this upcoming tv series. I am a very outgoing 18 year old with green eyes and blonde hair. I am 135 pounds, 5’6″, and caucasion. Acting and modeling have always been my dream, there isn’t anything I would rather do more. To be given this chance would be life changing. I’d love to have the chance to become well-known, and given this opportunity would make it all happen. I’m a people person and I interact very well with others. I enjoy acting and entertaining people. I’m smart, reliable, and driven to become somebody some day. Thank you for your consideration!

  35. We have 2 Actors that are interested in roles in the Vampire Diaries, They are outstanding consummate professionals who would bring fire to the Vampire Diaries

  36. wow!! After going down the list of all the people i’m competing against. i say good luck to me!! I Don’t have any high quality experiences like some of these people here.. & i don’t have a lot of money. But i do love watching this show & i think i would be perfect for it. I learn fast & i have a great personality.
    Well i guess i should tell you about my self. My name is Kristen, I’m 23 years Old, & Im from Hawai’i. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. Im 120lbs. and 5’7. I’m very athletic, & very out-going. & just like everyone else on here.. I really hope i get picked for the job. I know you won’t regret it.



  37. Hi ! oh how i would love to be picked for this show!…i am originally from Romania ….DRACULA and all the vampire that’s where is coming from … i do live in Atlanta for the last 10 years …i am 5’5″ tall,125 lbs,brunette long hair ,brown eyes ,athletic…i have been told a lot that i look like Catherine Zeta Jones ….so u now have an idea…i do have an accent don’t know if is a good thing ! i don’t have any experience on the set or anything like that but i do love acting and i’ve been told years ago that i should try it so here i am …i am a fast learner and take direction well !! it is a big competition for a part in this show i see here but i just hope i’ll hear from u back …i am the VAMPIRE u are looking for :)!!!!! contact# : 678 768 2433! thank you for your time!!!!!!!

  38. Hi! I’m 13 trying to get into acting and i know i’m probably a little young but i figured i would try because this television show is practically my obsession and the books are really good. I figured i would try. I hope i will hear back! please i really want this!

  39. So Happy to hear this is back.I did an extra scene with you last year.I hope to work again with you! Esther Cason!

  40. My name is Jordan. I’m a 23 year old and would be everything you need and more on the vampire diaries.

  41. Hi, my name is Brooke Wheat, I am 18 years old, I absolutely love the show, and it would be an honor to be able to be put on Vampire Diaries, even if just to be an extra. I have been interested in acting my since I can remember, and I have been in plays since i was a little girl. I would love to hear back from you, if you need anymore information please just message me at my Email.. thank you 🙂

  42. Well hello! My name is Nils Habermacher, I’m a 30-year old actor from Zurich, Switzerland, and have graduated from Acting School two years ago. Since then I have been doing theater mostly, appeared on a television commercials as well as a recurring role in a tv series, and spent my time also doing workskops and student films. I have been a vampire-fan since a child and couldn’t think of a greater thing than land a part (not an extra) in a tv-series. Furthermore I have graduated from Woodsville High School NH in 2001, during an exchange year in the States, so my English is pretty good. If there is any interest please contact me under: [email protected] or visit my website. Thank you!

  43. Hi! My name is Cassie Dugger and I will be 20 on February 16. I act on a web series called Life With Hope in Chattanooga, TN and my director’s name is David McNeill White. I’ve found a true happiness and passion in acting and I feel it comes natural when in front of a camera. I just put my acting resume together yesterday and I am EXTREMELY interested in this casting call. I couldn’t find an email address or contact number to contact anyone though.
    Please get back to me at 4234577829 or [email protected]

  44. My name is Colby Benfield I am from Mooresville, NC. I am 25 years old, 6’5, athletic/lean muscular built, Caucasian Male. I am extremely talented and looking for extra work or any casting calls. I have an account as well as an 800casting account..Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.I am an ex North Carolina State Football player with great athletic ability and open to any suggestions for different roles. I can do impersonations, improvisation, voice overs, accents.

  45. My name Montavius Thomas I am 21 years of age, I live Stockbridge, Ga. My mother was an actress and I learned a lot over the years watching he career. Many people say they would be perfect for the job and that they will work hard. I’m not going to engage in that pitch, I will just show up and let my actions speak. My contact info is as follows: [email protected]

  46. hello, My name is Paris Brown, im 21 yrs old and live in atlanta, GA. i love the show the vampire diaries, i watch it religiously so being a part of the production would be nothing less than amazing. im an apiring actress looking for my start. ive also emailed [email protected] with all the info you guys have asked for. hoping to hear from you guys soon

    thank you so much for your time

  47. Hello,
    My name is Brooke Guarin, i currently am an alternative model for a few sites as well as a few magazines, this show is pretty much my life, I follow this show as if its my life i would make an amazing addition to your cast if anyone has any idea who to email or how to get in contact with someone please let me know as soon as possible i will drive back up to Atlanta tonight!, I currently am 19 years old have a huge modeling portfolio as well as a large variety or looks!

    please contact me at

    [email protected]

  48. Hi my name is James Carlan and I emailed you about the punk scene. I am not sure if you are looking for vampires or punk rockers but everyone tells me I look like a
    vampire. I also sing and play guitar and I perform punk rock songs sometimes.

  49. My name is Rebekah and I’m 16 years old and can deffinately pass as 18..I don’t have acting experience but everybody always tells me it’d be something I should do or would be good at from my dramatic personality. The best kind of role I can play is punk, dark, devious, smart, cocky and passionate so I honestly think you’d be happy in using me for something like this. I live in northern wisconsin in a small town called Three Lakes. I have brown medium hair, green eyes and am 5 foot 3 and about 120 pounds. Thanks

  50. Hello! My name is Adrian Prata and I’m 18 years old. I love the series. Also I’m a fluent italian and romanian speaker and have a very good french accent because I had french theatre roles in contests that our team have won at one of the largest cities in Romania, Cluj, and a certificate of excellence in french from Setanta comunity college in Dublin, Ireland! I think i would be suitable for roles if you would take me in consideration. I can send pictures or anything else you ask for. My facebook is: Razvan Prata. Thank you!

  51. Hi team at Project Casting,
    Am Osiria and would love to be part of the Vampire Diaries cast and appear in the season 4. I don’t need to tell how much I am drawn into the story and characters and how happy I would be to be given a chance to start a career with VD.
    I am a brunette, 5’2, 47kg, long dark hair, brown eyes petite size, stylish. I guess the fluency in 5 languages won’t make any difference but am French and if you were to introduce a new character please bear me in mind. I play piano, and loves the classical gothic vampire and modern leathery one too!
    Feel free to drop me an email and I.ll be happy to send you photographs or any details required.
    A cheeky bite to you in the hope to hear from you !
    kind regards.
    [email protected]

  52. Hello Project Casting team,

    My name is Brandon Berry I just recently moved here to Atlanta, Georgia from Chicago,IL a week ago in pursuit to be an actor. I started watching The Vampire Diaries about a month ago on Netflix and watched it day in and out without any breaks literally, except for food and restroom breaks. Lol I completely loved everything about the show and how it was written and every character in it. I’m a vampire fanatic and would love to be a part of this series. I fell in love with acting at the age of 14 after being on the set of “Roll Bounce” for 3 weeks along with a couple other movies. I say this to say that acting is my passion and I am determined to be an actor no matter what and would love to start my career with you all. I could go on and on about why I should be selected to be on this show, and would love to tell you more whether I’m granted to audition and be cast a role on The Vampire Diaries or not. I thank you for your consideration and upon request I would be more than willing to send my head shot (s) and acting resume upon request. Again my name is Brandon Berry and I hope to speak with you soon. Thank You!!

  53. Hi. My name is Zain Rafael. I’m an aspiring model/actor. I’ve done a lot of modeling work, but I’ve been looking for my first breakout role as an actor and I think this would be a perfect fit for me. I love the show and what you guys are doing with it. I would love nothing more than to be a part of it.

  54. hi me and my friend would love to be able to have a role in season 4 the vampire diaries. We watch the show every thursday and keep up to date with all the drama that happens on the show we would love to have a chance! at this thank you!

  55. Hey my lovely people! I would love to be in the vampire diaries! I read all the books that have come out so far before the actual show so I’ve been a VD fan for quite some time and even though the books and show are different I’m absolutely in love with it also. Just being an extra is a blessing if I can be apart of this great show!

  56. Hi, my name is Ashley Buchanan although I reside in Los Angeles, CA traveling is not an issue if I am considered. I have 4 years of experience in theatre, I have been in 2 schools plays, done background work, and I have been on a game show. I am awesome to work with and I can work with anything given. I currently do not attend school, I am taking time off to pursue acting because this is definitely what I want to do. The good thing about me wanting to pursue acting to the extreme is that I am also great at it. I would love to be in vampire diaries, who wouldn’t? The show series is awesome and people all over the world watch it and enjoy it. I would love to be apart of something like that, that’s the obvious. I would be great for it with my natural talent, skill and drive. I definitely should be considered because not only do I have the look as I mentioned before there is never a dull moment with me, I am fun and easy to work with! IF a resume or picture is needed, I can definitely provide that. As of now I have no websites far as twitter, facebook, etc. I like to keep it that way until I am on my way to stardom 😉

  57. I have been in 3 off broadway shows and was accepted to be in and performed in a talent showcase. I would be very interested in persuing some roles as an extra. I am 24, 5’4, brownish red hair, blue eyes, 145 lbs and I wear medium/small in shirts, 5 to 7 in pants, 7 1/2 in shoes.

  58. Hi! My name is Casey Sherman. I am a 34yr old female and I would love to be a part of your show. I am 5’3″ with brown hair and hazel eyes, weighing 160lbs. I have loved this show since it aired and as a kid I loved to read the books. It would be amazing be around a very talented crew who makes this show what it is today.

  59. I almost forgot to mention that I live in Tucker, GA which is in the Atlanta, GA vicintiy and 10 minutes from Decatur, Ga.

  60. Hi! My name is Tijana Trifunovic.I’m 20 years old female,I have long brown hair,50kg,165cm.I had experience with buckground work.Acting is my life.I think your show is great,I adore Vampire Diaries and I would love to work with such great team.Thank you I hope you consider me.

  61. Hello, my name is Tara & I love this show 🙂 I am a mother of 6 so if you are ever casting children for the show please consider mine, I have 4 girls ages 7months, 4, 11 & 13 & 2 boys ages 5 & 8 thank you!!!

  62. Hi, my name is Rachel.
    I love this show and would love to help!
    If you are ever casting teens (I’m 15, but I look around 17-18)
    I would love to be an extra! I also live in the north Georgia area.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

  63. Not sure if it’s too late, but I just submitted my info in case you may still need someone like me for tomorrow. Would appreciate the experience and the opportunity to take it all in. Best of luck to everyone.

  64. Hello my name is Kai Lewis, I’m energetic, positive, full of focus and ready to work. I have a very distinct look being that I’m a African American that have albinism so if you searching for something new and different that’s what I’m looking to bring to the table. I’m in good shape athletic build 6’0 and 170lbs.
    Thank you

  65. Let me know if y’all head down to New Orleans for real to film more scenes I’m here in Louisiana. Thanks

  66. My name is Walkens I want to play a villain or someone opening a mysterious new story line. I work in the media creating marketing plots for tv/radio shows to create buzz and gain ratings. I want to be a creative contributor as well as a minor role. See example plot below.

    I love the show but sometimes it’s predictable

    New Plot Example: The villain in the show to fear is Klaus and now their is a fear of awaking this super immortal Silas. Lets do something new i.e. create a new story line that could span a couple seasons or more. Mysterious problems start to pop up and the main characters think it is random but everything is being manipulated in the background by an unknown force that does not want to reveal itself yet. The ongoing vampire problems of mystic falls has aroused the attention of forces much much older and a lot more powerful than Klaus. It all ties in because this new force is in movement because of the rumors for the cure.

    There is much more but I don’t want to give it all away but here is a teaser… exactly did the curse to create vampires come about to begin with? What if the witches did not originally create it.

  67. Hello My name is Katrina Henderson and I am aeducated, diligent, motivated aspiring actress! I have a fun loving gentle spirit personality and I believe I would be a great canidate to caste for your tv series The Vampire Diaries. Truth is I have no experience because it is my first attempt stepping out on faith to pursue my lifelong dream, I waited so long because I got my education first and I taught for four years high school science and my students always say why arent you acting well its time to take a chance and if you pick me I know you wont be dissapointed because I give my all in all I do !! Thank you!

  68. My name is ShaCaune Jackson and I am prepared for this cast. I am 17 years of se African American and I have worked hard my entire life and only succeeded. You should definitely choose me to cast in your film because not only will I become the actor but I will also play my role correctly.

  69. Hi I am Liz! Would love to get this acting dream started. I live in Atlanta, very familiar with the show, big fan!

  70. Hey, my name is Kalyn Columbo and i’m 18 years old. I live around atlanta goeriga. I have blonde hair, 5’8, green eyes and i have a slim body shape. And may people tell me i have a timeless look. Also, i have a lot of experience with acting. i would extremly enjoy working with y’all.

  71. I want to ask that if you guys can post with more time in advance it will be easier for some people to send their info. Thank you 🙂

  72. Hey! My name is Andrea Ellison and i live in Acworth, Georgia. I’m 25 years old but i could easily pass as 17 or 18! I absolutely LOVE the vampire diaries, i’ve actually never missed an episode! Casting a role on this show would mean the world to me. I’m not really picky on which role i would like to play, being on the show at all would be a privilege and i promise to give it 110%
    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me at (706)386-2489
    Thank you 🙂

  73. Hey, My name is Adrauna Willis, I act and model, I think the Vampire Diaries is awesome, ive seen every episode, I live in Covington,GA, im extremely inspired and feel like i would fit in this show completely, this would be an amazing dream come true that i will not let down. I am commited, Thank You

  74. Look i know it said 18-71 but i was hoping that they had a role for a 13 13 yr old boy cuz im a brilliant actor so if you want to speak with me email me

  75. Add a new dimension to your show.Cast me as Latino vampire with connections and wisdom that the younger vampires count on for guidance.Or cast me as the evil vampire with old school powers that creates conflict for your leading characters.Either way I will have the audience biting their nails,and always in suspense…I can do this for your show…see my profile on Project Casting…or contact me at (917-684-9511) or email me at ([email protected])…thank you…Victor Rivera…

  76. Hello project casting personnel, I am looking to move into television and acting for film. I know to start out small with extra work and I would be thrilled to just be one of the faces in the background, honestly. I have taken classes and been in a few straight plays and musicals. I would love to be a part of your amazing journey with this show, and would be honored to recieve more information.

  77. My name is Malaney, I am now OBSESSED with the Vampire diaries started on season one about two weeks ago and have already managed to get caught up for episode 15 season 5 that just aired yesterday… and yes I do have a life, but I’m nocturnal at night. But I would love to be able to be an extra in an episode, I am an aspiring actress and love being on film. I live for it. And what a great opportunity it would be lucky enough to get it! So please don’t be scared to ask me, I don’t bit… hard. 😉

  78. I am a Giant fan of the show but when i was told they wont cast anyone over a size 8 i was a little put off by that because being larger than a size 8 doesnt make u any less talented or pretty

  79. HI my name is Hallie and I am 16 years old and I live in Cape Coral,FL. I’m a huge fan of the show and I would really love to be apart of the cast. I love acting and hope to make it my career. I’m really dedicated to acting and can do whatever I put my mind to. I really would appreciate it if you’d contact me. Email: [email protected]

  80. Hi my name is Alexandria Anaro and I am a 15 year old girl, that will be 16 on April 18th, with a passion for acting.. I am an African American and I am in love with Science Fiction and Obviously this show:). I am currently taking Speech class and going to start theatre next year. I am looking forward to the opportunity. I can be reached on my cell phone: 510-388-7441 and my email is [email protected]

  81. Wow why I should be concidered! well I am sure like everyone else that left a comment I love Vampire Diaries.I love acting I always have ever since I was a little girl it was all I ever wanted to do in life.I would walk around my house as a child talking to myself putting on little plays for my granparents and my Mother. I do think I have what it takes to do this to be an aweosome actress and put 100% into this like everything else that I do I take alot of pride in anything and everything that I do. I am a hard worker I never stop between working full time and a then being a Mother of two beautiful children my days seem to be endless but its all worth it. I hope that you will concidred me. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment.

  82. My name is Kaitlyne Moore and I am 17 years old. I am obsessed with TVD and would absolutely adore a chance to be a member of the cast in any way. I would love it if you would contact me!

  83. Hello, my name is Stephanie. I live in Montreal and I just turned 18 in december. This would be such a great opportunity! Pick me Pick me!! 🙂 You can contact me by e-mail, or check out my youtube (I sing) : mtlguidette

    Thanks! Let me know! I’ve been trying to get a part on the show for years! I would be a great fit 🙂

  84. Hello, my name is Maria Marquez. I am currently attending college and I am still furthering my studies in business. I am 22 years old, Hispanic, dark hair, brown eyes, I speak both English and Spanish. I have no experience in acting but, I can handle my emotions very well. Pick me and you wont regret it. I’m beautiful, smart and bright. I’m good at memorize things, so studying my lines won’t be hard at all. Please! Pick me! I’m just a girl trying to fulfill her dreams as an actress.

    Thank you!

  85. Hello. My name is Sasha Johnson I am 16 years old and to get on a show like this or get to be casted on this show would be a life changing experience and one that I could use.I’m 5’4. I weigh 135 pounds. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m not going to immpress you with words you would just have to see for yourself in person if thats what you choose, if not I can respect it You can reach me at [email protected]. Thanks for taking the time to read this. This would be a wonderful opportunity.

  86. I relate to this show ever so completely. I sense that strong
    vibe/connection to the mystical world; especially every time I watch
    the tv series.

    Good day, I’m Megan Elizabeth Ghan from Mesa, Arizona. I would benefit
    The Vampire Diaries because I believe in the message of the show; Love
    is unexpected, Love is enduring. I believe in the supernatural essence
    so much that it actually becomes the ultimate reality of me when I
    watch The Vampire Diaries.

    About Me:
    – I’m of mainly Swedish and Scottish (European decent)
    – Blonde with natural bright highlights
    – Blue eyes with hints of silver when exposed to the sun
    – Caucasian
    – 5″1
    – 118 lbs.
    – 20 years of age

    I am a Zumba Dance Fitness Instructor. I have great experience in
    dance (6 years), acting (4 years), singing (4 years). I have
    experience in boom operating, filming, directing, and assistant
    director, as well as hands-on acting infront of the camera.

    Fun facts about me:
    – I was a munchkin for “The Wizard of Oz” in a high school production
    when i was in 3rd grade
    – I lived in Hollywood for 5 months
    – I won a superior award for Lead role in “Just One Day” at CAAF
    (Central Arizona Acting Festival) and an excellent award at state
    – I choreographed all singing numbers for one of my high school productions
    – I was a witch for Halloween practically every single year
    – I play acoustic guitar and piano

    I’ve attached two headshots. Enjoy!

    Thank you for taking your time to get to know me. I happily look
    forward to your followup with me!

    I have also sent Jonathan Browne an email as well attached with two lovely headshots!

  87. Hello my name is Soumaya Cherifi, I’m 11 years old. I live in France but I can get around in America. I do theater, and small entertainment shows. I have green eyes, wavy hair. I was told that I sing and dance well. But I love the theater. I’m crazy about vampire diaries. I love the characters. I’d developed my acting career and my dream.
    You have not seen my talent.
    Thank you very much for your attention.

  88. Hello, my name is Courtney Gonzales, i’m 25 yrs old. I live here in San Antonio, 5’4 hispanic. I am interested in being apart of ur awesome show and if u have any openings like playing a part, or being an extra, in the up coming episode or next 5th season, i would love too…… please email me so i can tell u more!!!! thank you 🙂

  89. Hello,

    My name is Josh Taylor and I just recently received my BA in Theatre at Anderson University. Im local to the Atlanta area and would love to get involved with Vampir diaries. Shoot me an email and I will send my headshot and resume if interested.

  90. Hi my Name Is Maria Belinda Talton. I am 13 Years Old. I weigh 135 Pounds And , My height is 5’6 . I Am Puerto Rican , African American And Dominican .I Have Brown eyes And , Brown Caramel Skin And , also Brown curly Hair. I speak Spanish And English. I Am from New , Orleans But , I live In Houston , Texas. I love to Sing , Dance And act Most , People That hear me sing or see me Dance or Act They Really Enjoy It a lot and tell me I’m very talented . I Also Have A lot of acting , Experience Too Every Monday I go to Acting classes. Also my mom has been in A Few Movies About , Three Or Four And You can search her Up Under Latonya Talton .
    I Really embrace acting A Lot , And I always Put A lot of hard Work In My acting All the time and I’m very Mature for my Age. I Adore Vampire Diaries so much words cant explain how much I love that show Its The best Vampire Show In The World . I Literally Come home and watch That show Every day i honestly can tell you every word It says In All the Seasons , I Aint gone Lie I’m Obsessed With it. I Would Love to Be Apart Of The Vampire Diaries Or , Just A extra Is Fine With Me. I Honestly would Make This Show Better ! , I Would do whatever Yall asked ,Follow Directions ,Do everything Correctly And Try With all my Might Not To Make One Mistake. I would Work so Hard And never give up Like You Just Dont Know But , All i know is I can show you better than I can tell you . Acting is My whole Life I’m seriously Trying to Make A Carrier Out f it And this Could be My Chance . But I hope You Choose me As one Of The next Characters on The show , So have a Great Day Vampire diaries . <3

  91. Hello my name is Katie Daniel, and I am a huge fan of the show. I live in a small town where it is hard to get noticed so this would be a huge opportunity for not only me and my career, but for my family as well.
    I am 5 foot tall, small in stature but large in personality. I have bright blue eyes, brown-blonde hair and fair skin.
    I am an extremely hard worker and will let myself get lost in a roll and do whatever it takes to make the character and the scene come alive.
    I hope to hear from you, thank you.

  92. Hey guys!
    I am interested in being apart of the Vampire Diairies family in the start of Season 5. I love the show and would be so thankful to get to be apart of it. I love to have fun and be creative. I am turning 22 in August. I have blue eyes with blonde hair and a little bit of pink running through it. Just a normal southern girl with a lttle bit of spice. I currently have 3 jobs and work my hardest at each of them. Check me out on facebook and get in contact with me..I’ll go where ever I need to.

  93. I would love to be a part of tvd or the originals. The two shows have a great story line and seems like awesome people to work with. I am 27 years old but I’m told look a lot younger. My facial expressions are who I am. That is how I reflect my feelings and personality. I guess like a “Damon”. I would be interesting in auditioning for a role on either show. Please let me know the details.

  94. Hello there, my name is Nicolene Wright, I am from South Africa originally, I live in the states now and have been for 6 yrs..I am a huge fan of TVD! I think that I would be a perfect fit with this show, people are either zombie fans or vamp fans but I am a Vampire Girl all the way! i think with my accent i will be a great addition! I am 25 yrs young and very outgoing, acting is my life and i know i can be the next Charlize Theron! She is my inspiration! I would love to be considered for an audition. Thank you so much for your time!
    Nicolene W.

  95. Name : Jason Escoto
    Gender : Male
    Age : 14
    Hair : Black
    Eyes : Dark Brown
    Height : 5’3
    Sports & Hobbies:
    Boxing,Soccer,Swimming,Rollerblading,Skateboarding,Biking,Track,Video Games,Drawing,Exercise,Football,Basketball,Reading, Magic Trick,Beatboxing

    Hi My Name Is Jason Im 14 Years Old I Would Love To Have A Opportunity In The Up Coming Shows I Always Wanted To Be And Actor If You Guys Give Me An Opportunity You Guys Wont Be Disappointed I’m available whenever if you can just send me an e-mail.
    Thank you for your time.
    My Email : [email protected]

  96. I’m a little late but I’m bored (though serious). Will they have hotter girls on there? I’d love to be an extra, can I be one that gets my head chopped off? Cause that would really awesome. Seriously, if you’re a starting up casting agency, recommend me, and I promise they’ll love you for it – I’m pretty damn memorable.

  97. Hello my name is Betty Guajardo I am 20 years old and I would love to be a part of this show I am a hard worker and I love to try new things I love to sing and act in theater classes I am a huge fan of this show I would really love to be a part of it even as an extra I would be happy I hope to hear from you my number is 915 407 2059

  98. Hi my names sher and im english and want to play a vampire role. I have a distintive look and can play a young or elder character. I have vampire theeth which is a bonus and im ready to drink blood….seriously! Lol hear from u guys soon.

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