Sony Video Game Project Casting Call


I can recall my very first video game system and video game. A “Sega Genesis” and Sonic the Hedgehog. It tooks months, and countless hours just to make it past level three! But, despite the animosity to constantly losing. It was a definite love/hate relationships.

It is amazing to know how far video games have come since then. From the simple 16 bit video games to know remote less video game consoles. Now Sony is currently casting people for an upcoming video game.

They are looking for actors or models to be considered for a Video Game head-scan. This process consists of being photographed in up to 180 different facial expressions to isolate face muscles. The resulting images are used to create a video game character.

The compensation for this project is $400 dollars for $4 hours in San Diego.

Casting Call and Audition Information
  • Rate:$400 for approximately 4 hours in San Diego
  • Deadline 02/11/13
  • Shoot Location: San Diego, Ca
  • Shoots late january/early feb
  • MALE / 30 TO 45 / Caucasian

We’re looking for talents who resemble Patrick Dempsey, Mads Mikkleson and Chris Eccleston. If you don’t look like these actors, do not submit please.

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  1. Joseph Edward Dooley 3 years ago

    i am interested in auditioning for this role I have been told I look like Patrick Dempsey from time to time. I have listed my emial which has my reel headshots and trailers from movies i have done. Thank you for your time. I also have been told I have a very expressive face and I can control and change the range of my facial muscles with expression easily. I am currently in LA.

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