‘Free State of Jones’ starring Matthew McConaughey is now casting a ton of extras to work on the new movie.

‘Free State of Jones’ starring Matthew McConaughey is now ramping up production in New Orleans, Louisiana and casting directors are seeking actors, models, and talent to work on the upcoming production.

According to Variety, McConaughey will play Newton Knight, a soldier who flees the battlefields after being disillusioned by the horrors that touched his own family. On the run, he rallies the support of fellow deserters to lead an uprising against their former comrades, in the process creating a free safe haven.

Caballero Casting is looking for a ton of actors, models and talent to work on the production. To audition for a role on the upcoming feature film, Free State of Jones, check out the casting call details below:

Free State of Jones Casting Call

Hello Everyone, we are really excited about our new project “Free State of Jones” and we are now accepting general submissions for Background Actors. Please see the submission process below for this film.


DIRECTOR/WRITER: GARY ROSS (Hunger Games and Seabiscuit)


DATES: 2/23/2015 – 5/21/2015


STORY LINE: Set during the Civil War, THE FREE STATE OF JONES tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Banding together with other small farmers who didn’t own slaves and therefore didn’t have a stake in the war, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a “Free State of Jones.” Knight continued his fight into the post-war period, resisting Klan activity through Reconstruction. His relationship and post-war marriage to a former slave, Rachel Knight, effectively established the region’s first mixed-race community. His legendary rebellion distinguished Newt Knight as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War…

SUBMISSION NOTE: We will be asking our core Background Actors to stop all grooming from now until the shoot so we do ask you consider this commitment prior to submitting … please note if you cannot make such commitments. We will be bringing everyone in for a short meeting so that we can fully inform everyone of the commitment that will be needed for this film and to take new pictures

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION: Please email us your submission at fsojcasting@gmail.com

Current Picture – not hats, no sunglasses, no selfies/mirror pics
Wardrobe Sizes
Please note any tattoos and piercings
Please note any Military Experience
Please note any Horse Riding Experience

Update: Casting Call for Amputees

We are currently seeking Amputees to work on FREE STATE OF JONES. We would prefer to offer this opportunity to Real Life Amputees so please do not submit if you do not actually have an amputation of some sort. We are looking for all types of Amputees (above knee, below knee, arm, hand, finger, etc)

DATES: no firm work dates but we are shooting 2/23/2015 – 5/21/2015

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTION: Please email us your submission at fsojcasting@gmail.com

Current Picture – not hats, no sunglasses, no selfies/mirror pics (please make sure we can see your amputation in at least 1 photo)
Contact info
City and State of Residence
Wardrobe Sizes
Please note any tattoos and piercings
Please note any Military Experience


DIRECTOR/WRITER: GARY ROSS (Hunger Games and Seabiscuit)



Update: Casting Call for Kid Actors

Currently taking submissions for the following to potentially work on the film “The Free State Of Jones.”

This project is set to film in the following locations of Louisiana: New Orleans, North Shore area, Clinton and Lafayette.

The date, location and time are TBA for the following roles:

1. A young Caucasian girl (around 14 years of age) that plays PIANO and/or The HARPSICHORD.

SUBJECT LINE: Piano/Harpischord PLAYER
Include: Name, Age, Contact #, Height/weight, Clear & Current photos like the attached examples. Please also include your experience with the listed instruments and a video if possible.

2. Caucasian Male approx. 35 years or younger with a beard that plays the BUGLE.

Email: Fsojcasting@gmail.com
Include: Name, Age, Contact #, Height/weight, Clear & Current photos like the attached examples. Please also include your experience with the listed instruments and a video if possible.

Update: Casting Call for African American Men and Women

Now Casting Specifically for African American men and women to portray freedmen/slaves for the film Free State of Jones, filming in Louisiana.

If you have already submitted to be on this show but have not been booked, we suggest you resubmit with updated, current photos. It is very important that we see your current hair and beard growth. All photos MUST be CURRENT…, so we can see how you look TODAY.

Please follow the submission process to the POINT: If anything is lacking, including the proper subject line, then you will likely be overlooked. If you fail to include a working phone number, you will likely be overlooked.

EMAIL: fsojcasting@gmail.com


INCLUDE: Name, Age, Contact #, Height/Weight, City/State of Residency, do you have reliable transportation YES/NO, list cities you are willing to work in and are willing to travel to at your own expense (New Orleans, Lafayette, North Shore area, and Clinton, LA), and experience in the following areas:



NO changing color of photo (ALL NATURAL)
Clear, Recent up to date
Stand in front of solid wall with neutral color wardrobe on
Look straight into camera, no smile but don’t look angry either! Please let hair be free, and natural.
Label photo/Save as: (YOUR) FIRST NAME_LASTNAME

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

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  1. Let me know if they need any cartridge tubes for the black powder guns. The Paper Lady Skirmish Tubes.

  2. This is Hollywood, do you expect them to ever do anything right? You’re lucky if they film in an accurate location, let alone get actors of the right ethnicity/region.

  3. I think it’s crazy that they are filming this any other location than where it happened!! I’m sure there are plenty of places in Jones County that they could film… and also, the Deason home where some of the story takes place!!! Booooo Hollywood!!

  4. As a direct descendant of Amos McLemore, whom Knight shot in the back and killed, I believe I deserve a role in this here motion picture.

  5. Louisiana is the film industry capitol of the US now because of huge tax credits it offers to the film companies. All they have to do is make a movie that spends a minimum amount of $300,000 in Louisiana and no maximum amount and they get a 30% tax credit. They get an extra 5% if they use Louisiana labor. This is the highest credit offered by any other state. Now you know why Brad Pitt & his wife, Harry Connick Jr, Mathew McConaughey, Reese WItherspoon and many more have all moved to New Orleans. Not only movies but tv shows are being filmed like the new CSI New Orleans. Pitch Perfect was filmed in Baton Rouge, 21 Jump Street and many more. New Orleans, Baton Rouge & Lafayette seem to be the hot spots for filming.

  6. Like yeah really totally dude. Man, I’ve got new information; certain things have come to light. Shooting a man in the back, in that context anyway, is res ipsa loquitur cowardice. I’m speaking only slightly tongue in cheek as a decendent of his murder victim. But I was mostly making a ghost joke about the haunted Deason house. Do you know the history or just commenting based on the movie script?

  7. There’s something to what you said for sure but there are a LOT of reasons why a production will film in a different location than the actual historical one. For one a lot of times it’s private property and it’s really up to the property owner whether or not they want a film crew coming in and changing stuff and tearing up the ground. The state of Louisiana could also offer better incentives to film there than our state does. It’s not like they just up and say “Oh! This happened in Mississippi, but ehhh… let’s go to Louisiana.”

  8. This movie is about one of my ancestors. My grandparents live in Jones county. They should go check out everything around there. My family is one of the oldest families there.

  9. Q knight victoria marta sandrock I am 6 generation emporor u.s fed marshal capt Joseph newton knight and Rachel knight great grand daughter I believe in this book and movie I have proof given to me by my grand father olin c knight. Sheriff county constable city commissioner of Jackson laurel and over ten miss this truth is going to let out the largest work force in the nation take down the incarceration rate of louisiana put the last nail in the coffin of the confederacy establish jobs provide funding for an expunge meet of records of convicted felons who didn’t receive proper representation buy the world trade center on canal St for a second safe Harbour processing center to regulate the contra flow of illegal aliens so the won’t have to suffer the culture shock blow of the government meet reform act of new world order through the d.o.c. As the legalized citizens of the u.s.a. had to within 50 years of added on laws that eliminated a whole nations of people reinstate those to bare arms and defend our country against coastal inland terroristic invaders build our walls and borders to many projects 12 transitional centers work release houses and tax incentives for hiring felons for reentry for businesses for a total earned income. For the economic stimulus stability project bureau of American territorial militia batman was granddad and they call me queen b mulatto tribe Mt bureau of American territorial graduates of international rehabilitation for life project batgirl hollywood is going to get the script for it to liberate more people about so we don’t wait for people to turn their backs we are the dark knights risen for a clean slate your state knights template free masons original di v inch code uncover do your homework were the source suppliers of the headquarters of currency of the world torts a Syria and tor project long arm of the law secret service to presidents and priory of sion dude get real and rich as I am the national treasure thank you believers.a.s.c.o.s

  10. When they first announced this movie, the group that owns the Deason house immediately went online to say they should film there and they wanted $600K to restore the house, too.

    Greedy natives.

  11. If you read the Book you would have found out our Knight Family established Jones Co. Jackie Knight and you can’t go against the County Source Supplier or Heir especially when Newton was for all the People.I believe he shot Amos and anyone would go against an Quasi Gov Confederacy Regime You had you’lls Run of This Gov.for a long time by snaking into Offices by establishing Laws that bounced off Old Jim Crow Laws of separation of Church and State and prosecutions of People over Taxing the public for representation of Properties we bought out right in order to keep claiming it through more taxes for representation.This will affirm conditions to build our Militia to Protect it from being over taxed again an eliminate the eminate domain Issue.
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    What have you done to restore your Families Rep. It is best not to be a Player Hater and flip the script by going along with redeeming yourself with the TRUTH and say your Generation lived to restore the efforts of all concerned with Civil Rights. Amos was appointed he was doing his Job for the Confederates of his State he met fate with Greed but, you personally didn’t you Mr. Ryan exist to say Newton didn’t kill the Future out with you giving Amos McLemores Family a Chance to redeem themselves.Your History doesn’t remain with you but, the Future of redeeming qualities through you.

  12. Were you stripped of your “queen” crown between posts? I don’t want to be mean, but is this supposed to make any sense at all, or are you just trolling for insults? I would assume this is the rambling of some sort of A.I. “cyberbot,” but there are too many specifics in your post that a bot couldn’t gather from this site. So, I just have to ask what on earth are you talking about?

  13. It States in The Book being Newton Knight came from Aristocracy as an Heir to The Knights Estate and with His Grand Father Jackie Knight signing the Petition as a Founding Father who Formed The Free State of Jones County Laurel Miss. his Station as Emperor of The State of Jones he got De Thronged by Mississippi
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  15. Paths of The Pedigrees Mulatto Tribe “MUTTS” Breaking the Curse of the Tragic Mulattos.

  16. It’s a shame they’re not filming the movie in Mississippi. Knewt knight would want it filmed in Mississippi.

  17. They can’t just film in Mississippi the state or cities has to approve the filming in most cases. Our state has a hard time allowing certain things to be filmed here. I do not know why Mississippi has several good locations & history here. There are several films that have used parts of our state over the years.

  18. I can understand the frustrating comments about filming in Mississippi (or not) but really I think it’s pretty good that they’re getting as close as they are with the locale. Hollywood over the decades has gotten locations so very wrong. Like scenes around supposed Lake Pontchartrain in one movie some years ago that had HILLS in the background!. There’s not a hill within 100 miles of Lake Pontchartrain LOL. In an old Paul Newman movie they were supposed to be driving from the Miss. Gulf Goast to New Orleans. But the ocean was on the wrong side of the road! (It was California where they were driving).

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