American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3) Casting Call and Crew Hiring Information


tumblr_mkswxx6Wch1qh7r32o1_500Production for Season 3 of American Horror Story (American Horror Story: Coven) is ramping up and producers are seeking crew and actors from Louisiana.

Louisiana Film Commission posted a casting call and production notice for American Horror Story: Coven.

Filming for American Horror Story will begin filming July 23rd in New Orleans. 

American Horror Story: Coven premiere is months away, but Huffington Post recently spoke with Evan Peters, who played Kit Walker in American Horror Story: Asylum.

“I’m excited. I think it’s gonna be really scary — much scarier than last season — and it’s gonna be fun. It’s going to be really fun to shoot. I’m recharged and ready to go this round,” Peters told Golden Derby during a Google Hangout interview.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy has not released any details about the third season of American Horror Story: Coven. But, luckily he said that,”I just know I’ll be working with Taissa [Farmiga] again. Kathy Bates is going to be in this season,” he said. “Jessica Lange’s back, Sarah Paulson’s back and it takes place in New Orleans … I’m scared, but I’m excited.”

Still interested? See the production casting call information below:

American Horror Story: Coven

Fox television series American Horror Story: Coven will begin principle photography July 23rd in New Orleans. Crew resumes should be sent to [email protected] and casting resumes to [email protected].

We will keep you updated on all casting calls for American Horror Story: Coven. 

Leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered for American Horror Story Season 3!

  1. Shannon Davis 2 years ago

    I should be considered for a role in this season because I am a hard worker, enjoy playing roles in horror, and could be a great contribution to the cast!

  2. corey benjamin 2 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to be in horror!

  3. Sara Bellah 2 years ago

    Besides being a HUGE fan of AHS, I have aspired to be an actress for years. I have been a teacher for 10 years. That means I have 10 years of acting experience. I am an entertainer. I can be funny, serious, angry, Scooby Doo, and everybody tells me I look like Sandra Bullock. I am eager to begin a new profession. I have a plethora of artistic talents and TONS of fans and supporters. I can help your ratings be even more awesome!! Give me a chance, and I won’t disappoint!!

  4. Tykesha Cherry 2 years ago

    I feel I should be considered for a roll because I am outgoing,easygoing, and a all around great worker. I love what I do and I’d love to show you guys my many talents. Horror is one of my favorite acts I like to portray. I hope I will be considered for roll and be apart of this awesome project.
    -Tykesha Cherry

  5. damon fields 2 years ago

    Honestly, I’ve never seen the show. But I have seen previews, and from just those alone noticed what a high-quality production you’ve created. And now that I hear it’s filmed in Louisiana, a State that I’ve always loved traveling to as both a child, and an adult, I respect the producers/network even more. If Beasts of the Southern Wild, and War of The Worlds, and all of the other superb quality productions I’ve noticed coming out of places like Shreveport over the last few years is any indication of the future, Louisiana is going to give places like Toronto, Chicago and Pittsburg a serious run for the money as to being the next “It” locaqtion to film in.
    That being said, I am an experienced NYC actor with a seriously professional work ethic, can improv for hours, take direction exceptionally well, and have traveled the World; and can emulate anyone in it. It would be an honor to be considered for a role on AHS3, and an absolute pleasure for me to hop on the next thing smoking down to N.O. to be even a small (but hopefully important) part of your production. Acting resume and reels available upon request.

  6. Gabi Everhart 2 years ago

    I have seen ALL season not just once! And i feel that dark hair dark eyes scary look to me! I’ve always wanted to be in a horror film and i feel like i would be very good at it! I never quit i will work as long as needed. I am very good with different emotions and i can be as scary or as nice as you want me to be! I do not get distracted i will work very hard for as long as you need me. And if I need to be covered in a bunch of makeup head to toe i can do that also! This sounds like a fun opportunity for me and i get along with people very well! Also i have friends who watch the show and i can get a lot more people to tune in and watch season 3.

  7. Marcela Iglesias 2 years ago

    I could be Jesica Lange’s daughter or the younger version of her….:)

  8. Marcela Iglesias 2 years ago

    I could be Jesica Lange’s daughter or her younger version..She is the best…

  9. Anthony R. Lewis 2 years ago

    I know I would be a great person to cast because I am able to bring out a dark side to any role. I love the first two seasonsand would be honored to be a part of season 3. If I had the chance to prove myself to you I know you would not be disappointed, thank you. God Bless

  10. Skyler Gallagher 2 years ago

    I’ve read through the information however it didn’t specify on the need for acting. I think it would be an amazing opportunity to work on AHS and loads of fun! The thrill you get from the series is great! I hope to hear more about this.

  11. Colt Gambrel 2 years ago

    Because I take direction excellently.and I’m a pretty great actor if I do say so myself.I love all things dark and mysterious.

  12. bonniewilliams999 2 years ago

    Having lived in Louisiana I am familiar with the essence of its spiritual and mystical affect on people. Adding a coven to the mix would most certainly entice the spirits to aid the crew and cast in the direction the city and story line demands. Besides the cards don’t lie!

  13. Trish Basinger 2 years ago

    Love to be considered for a role in your project!
    Thanx! Trish Basinger. =)

  14. honda king 2 years ago

    I should be considered for a role in this film because acting is what I was born to do. I am dedicated to my craft always training and seeking opportunities for growth/development. Thx for your consideration. HONDA KING

  15. Carlen Portee' 2 years ago

    I think you should consider me for a role in season 3,because I haven’t missed an episode since season1 began. I want to help bring the awesome world of American Horror Story to life each week. I want this like I want my next breath!

  16. Mari Dukes 2 years ago

    I would love to be considered for this film love performing and being in front of the camera

  17. Meagan Scruggs 2 years ago

    I am interested in working on your show in any role you have available. Willing to travel, send any information you have. Thank you so much.

  18. Tim Robinson 2 years ago

    Not only am i one of the biggest fans of the show but i cannot imagine a more talented group of people to work with Evan Peters is absolutely incredible, and i feel as if i could grow immensely as an actor. Why should i be considered for the role? Because thus far i have loved the story lines of all the other seasons and i feel as if i could show that love through my acting.

    Tim Robinson

  19. Seth Armstrong 2 years ago

    Well I’ve been acting in plays since I was very young, so I have the experience more or less. I also feel as if I am a strong actor and hard worker. Plus I freakin love horror!

  20. Seth Armstrong 2 years ago

    I have experience and I am a strong performer! I am also a huge fan of the genre.

  21. Riley Defeo 2 years ago

    Hello, I’m only 14, but I’m a huge fan of the show and every character that is portrayed on it. I live in California, unfortunately, but if I do get considered for a role on the show I would do anything and everything to make sure I could make it work. I’ve always wanted to do something that included horror and gore, as strange as that may be. I take direction very well and recently won best actress for my character Tina in the student film, Tina for President. And to give you an idea of what I look like physically: I stand at 5’7″ with medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, and I’m also pretty “developed” so I could easily pass for 16.
    I really hope you consider me for the show.

  22. Robert Segari 2 years ago

    Worked in the Finance field for almost 40 years. If that’s not HORROR then I don’t know what is! Seriously , I have progressed from corporate guy to movie guy.. Many classes, featured roles and life experiences to help project a character, response or actions. I am ready for that next step up and won’t disappoint!

  23. Deanna Meske 2 years ago

    This is exciting, AH coming to my home town New Orleans, I definitely want to fight for a supporting role in this show! My demo reel is at, it’s constantly being updated :) Just got some new “ugly” headshots too, “mean, tough” girl, pretty cool!

  24. Jerra Maurice 2 years ago

    I have send my submission by mail a month ago to Eric Dawson/Eric Souliere castings.I would like to audition for a supporting acting role and I am currently represnted by Model Shop Agency in Miami,Fl.This project was also mention in their website.

  25. Cherie Arnouville 2 years ago

    I’ve been a fan of American Horror Story from the first day it aired. I love all of the the characters in addition to all of the stories. I’m born and raised in New Orleans and have always found the haunting, witches, vampires, voodoo to be fascinating. I blend well being a native here and would love the opportunity to participated in such a great project.

  26. wesley byerly 2 years ago

    you should hire me because im a professional background actor

  27. Dave Moon 2 years ago

    Huge fan of AHS. Would love to get a part in the supporting cast. Why you should hire me? Cause I’m awesome.

  28. Everest Robinson 2 years ago

    I Should be considered for a crew position because I am a hard working , Team player. I am an excellent people person with attention to details.. Also I should be considered for a position in AHS because I fee that this is a great project and I would give 150% each and every day.

  29. joshlpaige 2 years ago

    I’m interested in working on this project. I work hard, and will accept even the most minor position. Thank you for the consideration.

  30. Michael K Perkins 2 years ago

    I’m a retired 62 year old caucasian male with much time on my hands. Have stage experience (about 20 years) but now would like to get involved in the film industry, entry level of course. I am available for background or character roles. I am reliable, dependable, energetic and available. I have my own transportation and it is reliable. I believe, when given a chance, I will not disappoint you.

  31. Hannah N. Slay 2 years ago

    I’m a huge fan on the show and have been in many plays. I love horror and would love to be in AHS. I’m dedicated, always will be. I have been watching the show since the first episode, I even painted a picture of the murder house.

  32. Ethan Leonard 2 years ago

    I’m a huge fan of AHS and I can do a deep inhale scream that sounds possessed!

  33. katherine isheim 2 years ago

    I am a witch and I belonged to a coven in oakland in the earley 80ies also I know voodoo and hoodoo. Hoodoo can get people killed and is dangerous. So if you want someone real contact me. Don’t worry I. Won’t put a neg. Spell on u if u don’t but I can and I. Have on bad people

  34. James Ourso 2 years ago

    Have been told I have an interesting look(s)…take direction well…etc.

  35. Allen Mann 2 years ago

    So excited about this project. I’m a very big fan of horror t.v/films and would love to be a part of this. Have background experience working on Oblivion, Twelve Years A Slave and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes among others.

  36. Carly Schindler 2 years ago

    I live in the area and have nothing better to do. Plus I have a car to get there.

  37. Logan Welch 2 years ago

    I’ve been doing part time extra work since 06/2011. I’m reliable, deticated, and eager to start.

  38. Logan Welch 2 years ago


  39. Roger honeycutt 2 years ago

    Would be a awesome movie to work on, I’ve worked on over 30 movies and t v shows, I’ve been a principal actor, background, featured background, and have had lines

  40. Logan Welch 2 years ago

    Also I’m 6,5″ 220 lbs. and in good shape. Light brown hair. Capable of a full beard.

  41. Robert Segari 2 years ago

    I worked in the finance industry for almost 40 years. If that is not horror, then I don know what is. Seriously, I have made the transition from corporate guy to movie guy. I have taken many classes, have had many featured roles. My life experiences and discipline give me the ability to develop a character along with the expressions, reactions and moods necessary to make it believable.
    I am ready to take the next step.

  42. Camille Gelis 2 years ago

    Hi, my name is Camille Gelis, and I’m seventeen years old. I should be considered for a role because I love the show; I’ve seen every single episode, and I can’t wait to see more, but being in it would be even better! I also live in Slidell, Louisiana, so I’m only about 20 minutes away from New Orleans. I have experience in theatre, and I am currently enrolled in acting classes at the Barbizon location in Metairie. I’ve always wanted to act in movies or on tv, and it would be like a dream come true to be cast! Please consider me!

  43. Alcee Jones 2 years ago

    I have done many things and been open to many oppertunities with acting and I really fantasize on being in horror and this just might be my oppertunity! So if I am casted this show will more amazing than ever before :) !!!

  44. sarah rees 2 years ago

    I can take on versatile styles and looks and with my athletic background can take many strenuous tasks on, I’m 18, 5’6, long brunette hair, blue eyes. I would also find it a great experience and learning environment to work with the AHS cast and crew.

  45. Madison Neighbors 2 years ago

    Will you need an 8-year-old adorable red headed girl?

  46. Ashlyn Schaefer 2 years ago

    If ya’ll are looking for witches and warlocks, then you guys should cast my boyfriend and I because we have the look! We are natives of New Orleans, and have background acting experience. Thanks!

  47. Tim Powe 2 years ago

    Hi, my name is Tim Powe and I would be an excellent addition to the new season of AHS. I love the entire cast and I think Ryan Murphy is a genius. From Nip Tuck to Glee to AHS to my favorite The New Normal. Acting has always been my passion and it’s the only dream I have ever had. I know deep down in my heart I can bring something different to the new season. I pray that you give me the opportunity to show you what I can do. I’m a hard working, energetic, a people’s person, dedicated, a fast learner and task finisher because no job is to hard for me. I view everything as a learning experience and it would be my honor to learn from Ryan and acting legends Kathy Bates and Jessica Lang. I will be happy to supply you with any information and photo you need. Thank You for taking time to read this and I hope to hear from you!!

  48. Tara Robertson 2 years ago

    Greetings!! I’m currently acting at the University of New Orleans. I have a wide variety of personas that I can perform very well. I know I can bring a suspensful performance to the camera. I am actually very terrified of horror movies in general, so being frightened comes on very realistic. I’m 23 years old, 5’5” and a brunette. I would love to be apart of the series and strongly hope you take me under your consideration.

  49. Tom Hibbs 2 years ago

    Because nobody does creepy like Tom does creepy. Penetrating depth of character in purely frightening roles is a specialty of mine. An experienced talent ready to add a new level of “Scary” and “Uneasy” to this stellar series, I am ready to perform and own any role!

  50. Thomas Lin 2 years ago

    Outside of being a huge fan of the show, I’ve been acting for almost 15 years, on stage and in front of a camera. I feel like I would be able to bring a fresh face, especially since you rarely see asian people on television. I would also bring a great energy to the show, complementing the already amazing cast.

  51. jcg9782 2 years ago

    I am so excited about this show. I would love to be able to be involved in it production.

  52. John Price 2 years ago

    Why should I be considered? First off, I am born and raised here. There is a style and personality in Louisiana like no other and you have to be from here to fully understand and appreciate that. Second, I am a big fan of horror, all aspects and types. I feel that the appreciation for the art form would translate well on the screen. I am a college graduate, very articulate, and acting just comes naturally to me. I think I would make a very strong addition to the cast in any capacity and would relish the opportunity to be a part of this production. Thank you very much.

  53. Peizo Meter Transducian 2 years ago

    To work on a project like this, art imitating life, life imitating art ….hummm this would actually be imitating my life in REAL TIME… and what a blessing that would be. Dialogue with Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates..well, I know I would be able to deliver. I WANT TO BE DIRECTED. I have been preparing my whole life for this, asked the universe for it …I always get what I want..I am just a little more patient with some things than others…Usually it can take up to three weeks, if Kendall were with me we could make it happen in almost less than 24 hours if not immediately, it wasn’t until after being handed over an altar by a complete stranger and being asked, “WHY YOU KEEP RUNNING CHILD THIS CHOSE YOU, YOU DIDN’T CHOOSE THIS!” i HAVE BEEN PRACTICING NOW FOR OVER 15 YEARS. I stopped asking “WHY” long ago. To be cast in this project, would be simply to be cast as myself and I WANT TO BE DIRECTED! I need it! The prior series >>BRILLIANT! This one, ME !!!!! I like to share something with you.,…;with all of you>>>>Let me remind you of something, that always has and will be. Let me influence your imagination along the way …and then let me share with you what it is like to be “:hunted” in one way or another …..COVEN,.I get it ..I feel it, I am.

  54. natalie sharp 2 years ago

    I had a role recently in the upcoming movie “Rugaru” and I am currently filming a movie as one of the lead roles in “Heinous”. Both of these are scary movies so I have experience filming horror movies. I am interested in supporting roles.

  55. Peizo Meter Transducian 2 years ago

    This project and all the thoughts and emotions, I almost wet my pants ….BRAVO and absolutely BRILLIANT

  56. Corrina Roshea 2 years ago

    Aspiring actress, who love horror flicks and tv shows. Just wrapped a psychological thriller with Ashley Greene and Haley Bennett in January and have even looking for my next opportunity to be a part of a talented cast.

  57. Jesse Yarborough 2 years ago

    Would love to work this project, been working in film for over a year now, have a IMdb and a MyCastingFile

  58. Chelsea Cierria Davis 2 years ago

    The series taping in New Orleans is new and exciting! It is amazing to be born into a community with such haunted roots. I speak very eloquently and would love to represent the town as a local. I’m 18, small, and wide eyed- wonderful for a preppy girl role, an innocent victim, or a young-spunky local at cafe.

  59. Gabrielle Jones 2 years ago

    I would love to be part of this amazing opportunity. I saw this show a few times and I thought it was pretty good. Love the storyline and everything. I did a few background roles a few years back and I would love to have a speaking role. I am a fast learner and a hard worker. This opportunity would be awesome for me.

  60. Misty 2 years ago

    I would love to be cast in this series because I would enjoy the experience of being apart of something so big, with such amazing actors. I would give my all in performances and work with any role given to me. I don’t expect a recurring role (though I wouldn’t mind), or even speaking parts. I could be a background performer and would still feel honoured to be a part of this cast.

  61. Fernando J. Saballos 2 years ago

    I’m currently halfway done my undergraduate as a film student at the University of New Orleans and aside from small projects I have done with friends and classmates, I have yet to gain any experience on a professional set. I would be honored to play a part in Season 3 as a Production Assistant, a background actor, or whatever position there is available. If this was to be my first job for film/TV than I’d say it’s a great first step in the right direction. I hope I will be under consideration! Thank you.

  62. Mel Mcguire 2 years ago

    I’m an actress who often gets cast in good girl roles, but I would love love love to play a beautiful, quiet psycho-bitch who gets to totally lose her shit on somebody on screen. I really do have it in me to do so!!!

  63. Margaret Wild 2 years ago

    As a New Orleans native, I am all too familiar with the unique history that New Orleans carries. The city is indeed incomparable to the rest of the U.S. in terms of its culture and superstition. I would like to be considered for American Horror Story because I have a B.F.A in Acting Performance, and some professional theatre experience (summer stock in the Berkshires). I have also worked as a background actor in The Campaign (2011) and Grudge Match (2013). I am 23 and would love to be considered for a supporting role as well.

  64. lf 2 years ago

    LOVE the show! and besides, my mother always said i was a witch…can you feel my spell working on you???
    By the power of charm and fire…
    I draw to me what I desire…
    Prosperity I seek to gain…
    Employment I will soon attain…

  65. Steve Kirkpatrick 2 years ago

    This is my kind of project, as I can cause screams. I could change my voice mid-sentence, contort and seize as though possessed (think Evil Dead), and give an all around creeped out feeling. Or I could be the bravado laden skeptic who gets horribly dismembered.

  66. l f 2 years ago

    LOVE the show! the first season was sexily terrifying and delicious; the second season was bloodily gritty and sadistic. jessica lange is one of the best actresses EVER and kathy bates is always a pleasure to watch. and besides, my mother always said i was a witch…i’ve worked as an extra on ‘treme’ and a few indie projects as well as worked sound / audio (nobody holds a boom like i do!), born and raised in this wonderfully eclectic, flavorful city, green / blue eyes and reddish brownish blondish hair, team player who’s middle name is effiency, love learning and contributing and have many experiences to pull from…i’m a teacher by day and single mom to teenagers by night…i’m constantly plotting teen demise! keep it local!

  67. ViRaLiVie 2 years ago

    With 15 years of acting/teaching experience and currently working as a freelance actor in south Mississippi/New Orleans markets, I am confident that I can add a “feisty Southern red-head charmer with a wicked twist” to this season of American Horror Story. Thank you for allowing the vast array of talented locals in this area a chance to show you what we got!

  68. caseyausman 2 years ago

    I would like to say firstly that I called it. I had a gut feeling the next season of AHS would take turn south and I knew exactly where they would film it. But enough showing off. To the point American Horror Story is one of the BEST television shows around. The writing is fantastic, the cinematography is excellent and best of all the show has meaning, a message and heart (a dark heart). To be be apart of AHS in any capacity would be amazing. I have a little experience with acting, backstage and set work. I would gladly except the role of the blurry figure in the distance #15 or the water boy if it means I got to be part of this amazing show. I’m faithful the to working process and would never let anyone down. I would bring hard work, out of the bow thinking and a good sense of humor to your production! Definitely a check off on my bucket list too.

  69. Melissa Black 2 years ago

    Hey I would love to be a part of this series. I’m dynamic and easy to work with and it would be an honor as this has been such a successful and brilliant work of art! I can play any range from late teens to early thirties…or dead lol thanks

  70. Samantha Josee' Rochette 2 years ago

    I’ve been told I’m amazing at dark roles, and I think it would be wonderful to be given the opportunity to portray one of the wonderful characters in which are always found in these series. Though I may not be known to the world, it is often found that the brightest diamonds, are left to shine alone in the darkest caves. I think I would be perfect for the spooky set of American Horror Story Season 3. I fell in love with the 1st season and felt the same about the second. I love the twisted plots and mind bending concepts. I’m 18 years old, though I have been told that I look mature. I have medium, ash brown hair, grey eyes and fair skin. I’m 5′ 5″ and weigh in around 127 lbs. I also learn quickly, work well with others, and am very cultured and open-minded. Much of these qualities have come from traveling alone to Thailand, and China and living in these cultures for two months.

  71. Mary 2 years ago

    I would love to have a chance to be in one of my favorite television shows as well as be a part of a piece of a historical television series. I live in uptown New Orleans and would love to support a television show that supports New Orleans!

  72. Anastasia 2 years ago

    Hello! I’m a beginner, but very talented actress, and I would be honored to work on this great project! I’m definitely sure that it will be a successful win-win cooperation! And i will be very happy really if you’ll be interested in me! I look forward to hearing! Best regards, Anastasia.

  73. I am ready and awaiting your casting call!

  74. Megan 2 years ago

    I would love to be a part of Coven because I’ve always been drawn to witches and magic, dark things, “weird things.” I loved both previous seasons of AHS and I respect the actors, writers, and rest of the film crew not only for putting together this amazing show, but also for letting the world enjoy their talent in general. I’m also from New Orleans and have quite an interesting family with a lot of different experiences and stories to share. I was in the drama club all through elementary and middle school, but gave up in high school because I wanted to be seen as “normal.” Then I realized normal doesnt exist and even if it does, I wasn’t meant for it. Which is actually another reason I would love to be on AHS, the past seasons have had strong feminist lead characters, themes, and values. I believe it’s just as important to be yourself without fear of judgement as it is to stand up for your rights as (strong as) an equal. I’m at a strange place in my life right now, and I know this could change my perspective and help me overcome my struggles. There’s so much talent on this show, and I would love nothing more than to be a part of it and to have the opportunity to absorb some of the increible skill, wit, and humor of the AHS family.

  75. Bailey Hebert 2 years ago

    I’ve just graduated with my B.F.A in Acting and have never been more thrilled to put it into….action! My college theatre debut was a lead role in Stephen Belber’s Tape, which received an Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship nomination! I’m so proud of my craft and can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

  76. bcyprian86 2 years ago

    Well first and foremost Horror is my FAVORITE Genre in the entertainment industry period so putting me in that type of environment would fit me since my mind state is in love with Horror. I can get drawn into something to the point that it could seem like ive experienced it or have been there before so i would bring a natural feel to the camera no matter what setting im in, my ability to follow orders and match those exact orders are one of my many talents. There were numerous times that ive worked as a background actor then got pulled to the front by the director because of my charisma and ended up getting either a solo shot or I was told to do something that was incorporated with the movies plot. I love the feel of using my imagination, being all these other characters besides myself and really playing the role well, Im mentally set to accomplish and task as a Back Ground Extra, Stand-In, and even in my future as someone with a Principle role I know I will give it my full potential, heart, body, and soul.

  77. Paul West 2 years ago

    I would love to be an extra on the show. I have little experience but am a great extra. I have seen both seasons many times over and each time I am still drawn to the edge of my seat. The way the show has the ability to keep you wanting more is genius. I hope that you consider me to be apart of the next chapter of American Horror Story. Thank you.

  78. ryanc127 2 years ago

    I think this would be a fun and much different experience than the other roles I have had as an extra. I am familiar with the show and it’s style, though it changes every season, so I should be pretty adaptable to whatever role I would be given.

  79. Michael 2 years ago

    I am a self-employed 58 year-old Cajun male, ready and available for work as an extra on AHS. Contact me.

  80. Jennifer Johnson 2 years ago

    This is right up my alley!

  81. Lynn McArthur 2 years ago

    I am a full time Actress,this is my life,my passion and my love.

  82. Jessica Mulvey (Jessa DeNuit) 2 years ago

    American Horror Story is the story of my life (essentially) I have been on a stage or in front of and behind a camera for most of my life. To boot, I have lived in New Orleans for 6 years now (from Massachusetts-where last season was set-) and am a practicing witch and in the vampyre scene here. To be in American Horror Story: Coven, would be an extension of who I am.

  83. Meagan Scruggs 2 years ago

    I would loved to be considered for any role available for the series. I am familiar will the subject they will be covering, willing to travel to the location, a hard worker, and take direction well. I also enjoy the series very much.

  84. Joshua 2 years ago

    Because I am a good actor.

  85. Haleigh Burckley 2 years ago

    I am a huge fan of AHS!! Ive wanted to be on the show since it came out. Acting is my dream and I want this more than anything. I am a great (but aspiring) actress and I think I can fit most any role given to me. I am 5’7″ and 103.5lbs. Black hair, brown/hazel eyes. I can range my look anywhere from 13-20 years old. Please consider me!!
    -Haleigh :)

  86. vashanti 2 years ago

    I think i should be considered because i love american horror story for one and also because i love love love horror and suspense films

  87. Erica Mitchell 2 years ago

    I would love to work on AHS!

  88. I love Ryan Murphy’s work with all of his shows. I would love to be on Glee because i love to sing but i also love the creepy side of the world. I studied Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology to achieve a melded degree type that would allow to to look into Strange, serial, criminal behavior. I think i would be a great addition to this show because i work in situations that most people can not handle in the real world.

  89. Holly Braden 2 years ago

    I love the darkness of AHS and would be honored to get to work on season 3! I am a beginner, only working in small local things and classes at the University of Arkansas. I’m 20 and can pass for age 14 to 25; petite/slender/whatever I’m short. I would love the opportunity to be involved with a show like this and have a first role so compelling and dark. I am familiar with New Orleans and it’s magical, mystical, and eery nature!

  90. Xavier Kinzy 2 years ago

    I should be on AHS Coven because i am a humongous fan of the show!!!!! I love the dark elements love the cast just everything. I would die to be apart of this show i mean die of happiness. I don’t care if i have to be a damn tree in the background that is fine!! I just want to be apart of something and something that I love. I currently am in school for Television Production. I feel like this would be a great start. I look like I am 12 plus my name is Xavier I mean what other girl are you gonna find with this name cmon you need a unique girl for a unique show. Give me a chance I will not let you down.

  91. Sarah Gray 2 years ago

    Well I really want to meet Evan Peters and I figure becoming an actress is the best way to do that… 😀

  92. Sarah Gray 2 years ago

    Well I really want to meet Evan Peters and I figure becoming an actress is the best way to do that… :)

  93. Mikyelah Bell 2 years ago

    I should be considered to be on american horror story because I’m good at acting, I’m fun, free spirited, and open about everything. Acting is my life and I would love this with all my heart, I’ve been trying to find auditions for shows and commercials but I haven’t been able to. Being on this show would mean the absolute world to me and I would be 100% honored and I would never take any opportunity that I have like this for granted because this is my dream.

  94. I am a huge fan of the series, I am outgoing, I am hardworking, I am open minded, and it would truly be an honor to be a part of this! The show is unique and fun and I am super excited for the series to stry again.

  95. I have been practicing a craft that chose me, I have been preparing for this for the past three years while working as background/extra, done stand -in work and even have had the opportunity to work as a photo double in two feature films. I truly get it, and like being DIRECTED. I can show you any and all emotion and you will FEEL IT. I have a world of experience in my head in and with my life experiences and I know that with what the writers and Directors want, that I will confidently and absolutely be not only able but freely, almost effortlessly GIVE IT TO THEM…I am and have been hunted in one way or another for most of my life. I am a huge fan of American Horror Story. I’d take this opportunity to heart and utilize what I can learn to keep the momentum, moving forward with the hopes of opening more doors and having more audition opportunities and just use the synergy with and about me to become the BEST ME I CAN BE ,…..and then share with other, my experience of a lifetime.

  96. Megan Portier 2 years ago

    I would love to be casted because I’m at a weird place in my life, trying to find some direction, and I’ve always been interested in the arts. I was in drama club throughout my school years and loved it. American Horror Story, to me, is the best series on television today. I feel as though the writers have done an amazing job at portraying strong female characters in ways I’ve never seen before. I love everything about the writing for this show. Honestly, I wish I could look around in the brains of the writers or maybe get injected with some of their DNA in the hopes of acquiring even the slightest touch of their genius. The actors are incredibly talented also, and I’m excited to see the roles they will play this season, as well as watch them attain new levels of greatness in their craft through their new characters and experiences. I would feel immensely honored and forever grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from the expertise otherwise known as the AHS cast and crew.

  97. Trevor McFarlane 2 years ago

    I guess its always been a dream of mine to be on a horror show. I think as a 14 year old I would just like a small part or some sort of crazy part on the show.

  98. Simon Pellegrino 2 years ago

    I think Producers should consider me because I have a passion for Acting. I have wanted so much to be a part of a Major Film and I do whatever I can to try and get out there and hopefully one day noticed. I am a hard worker and completely ready to do what is needed to be considered for this role. I am in my early 20s, I am Smart and Witty. This would be the chance of a lifetime to have a role in his film. I have a great resume and heart for performance, please consider me for this film. Thank you for your time.

  99. Phuong Vu 2 years ago

    I watch the show, and I love it even when it gives me the chills! I get scared very easily, so if I were to play a victim of some kind, I’d be a good candidate. Also, I am a curious person to know what goes on inside a crazy person’s mind, so if I were to be a killer of some sort, I’d like to expand my perspective of how they act and what they do and incorporate it into my character.

  100. Oscar Medrano 2 years ago

    Hi My name is Oscar Medrano and I would love to have a part as a guest star on the show and if i get a guest star role i will show my hard work for the show and the creator and i am a big fan of the show i love the horror in it and i love to get scared if i was on the show and i can drive to New Orleans and it would be my dream come true if i was a part of the show it is my dream to be on the show and i hope the creator of the show would read this and consider me.

    I will be glad to hear if there any more roles available as a killer in the show like the killer Bloodyface i would work hard on my character

  101. Kéli Beyer 2 years ago

    I would be a FANTASTIC addition to the AHS cast; for one of many reasons, I am highly obsessed with it AHS! And ALSO, I am a little crazy;) so I would be perfect for any part. I would absolutely DIE if was considered for a part. I am a bubbly, fun person! I know I could act like nobodies business;)

  102. Jessica Sands 2 years ago

    I should be on the crew for this show, because I”m embarrassingly passionate about it. Ryan Murphy is brilliant (and infuriating in the best way). It keeps me on the edge of my seat with the jump cuts and angles and lighting. Genius.

    Plus, I just graduated in May so I’ve got all of the most recent skill sets to bring to production. Unfortunately, the mailbox is full :( But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to keep trying.

  103. Blake Charles Henley 2 years ago

    I love the artistic direction of the show, it pushes boundaries and takes alot of emotional skill to be involved for such a morose show, I’ve loved the work on the show from season one, from a young age I’ve loved somber movies and the creepy a atmosphere, I’ve done stage performances For most of my life and this past year worked with filming, I enjoyed working on the set and helping out were ever I could, I would be estattic to work on such a wonderful series.

  104. Mariah Mummert 2 years ago

    I would want an opportunity to play a role on AHS because it is a show I enjoy watching and I have always liked the storylines. Acting is always something I have had a passion for and enjoyed doing. I also would take the opportunity to show my daughter that you can do anything you have a passion for no matter how hard the road.

  105. Brittney Smith 2 years ago

    I would love to be able to participate in this opportunity. I am a fan of American Horror Story, and would work hard to do my very best in acting in whatever role given, or accomplishing the tasks handed to me. Even if chosen for a background actor, I would work hard and work as a team to get things done, no matter what the challenge may be. I am passionate about following big dreams and being happy. The entertainment industry interests me to strive out and reach for the stars!

  106. Vi (@Redfox1_1) 2 years ago

    I am a HUGE fan of American Horror Story. It is my favorite show. It would be a dream to be on the show, even if it’s as an extra and I get nothing out of it other than experience. But what a great experience it would be. I am not from LA, but if I had the opportunity to be on the show for certain, I would get there somehow. New Orleans is closer compared to California. I’m from Philadelphia. I took acting classes years ago, but I’m not experienced or a professional. I don’t have a resume or any head shots. I’m not working at the moment. And I know saying all of this might lower my chances of getting accepted, but I really love the show so much. If I have to hitchhike and sleep in a cardboard box or a car while I’m down there, I’ll do it. I always wanted to go to New Orleans for years. I love horror, the mysterious, and the paranormal. I’m in a point of my life where I am down on my luck, and things haven’t been going right for me for a long time. Don’t know what else to do at this point.If this is the only dream I would be able to accomplish in my life, that alone would make me so happy. I would be so nervous but happy. I’m in my late 20’s but I can pass for younger cause I look younger, or that’s what people have told me. I’m 5’1, 114 lbs, brown eyes and I have long, curly dark brown hair. Please consider me.

  107. Cynthia Dent 2 years ago

    I’ like to be considered as a principle in your movie American Horror Story: Coven because Im a fan of horror movies since the 60’s 70’s era I used to work at Saenger and Saenger-Orleans. I have lots of emotion and life experiences to the table. I can bring it! Give me a shot.
    My name is Cynthia E. Dent

  108. Orsolya Digon 2 years ago

    Although I am not American, I have the skills to have the chance to be in the show. I am a real character, extremely emotional which helps me to change emotions within minutes from laughing hysterically to cry like a lone child.
    I can act by even my eyes, they are piercing blue when I am angry they are green when I am calm they are grey. To be able to play even with my eyes too I can do evil like only a few.
    I also can be an authentic member of the amazing cast because I am able to forsee things through my dreams. And whenever someone hurts me unintentionally or maybe it is just Karma I still dont know I have to learn a lot well lets just say they get what they deserve. And I also have the gift of intuition in a whol new level that people can even imagine. Talent is something you born with. And also charisma. Thank you for reading this and I wish you beautiful people the best of luck! <3

  109. Haaayyyy!!
    I’m fun.
    I’m hard working, and I’m a GREAT ACTOR.
    I’ve been doing it [acting] for the past 13 years. Not to mention…ever since season one of American Horror Story, I said to myself (and anyone else who’d listen) that I was going to be on the show, and here you guys are….it’s like fate or something!
    I’d love the opportunity to show you guys what I’m made of….soooo CALL ME, EMAIL ME, schedule an audition with me =D You won’t regret it 😉
    This is the big break I’ve been waiting for!

  110. Jordan Bradley 2 years ago

    I don’t really know what to say. I mean this show is obviously amazing and i don’t think just anybody is worthy of playing a part in such a huge hit. So i know this is a VERY long shot, but i know what i want to be and this may not be my big break, if it is that would be completely overwhelming. I have very little experience being from im from such a small town and the only public acting i’ve done was in small local plays, but ive researched and practiced in my room since i was a kid, because i knew that one day i would be in movies and television shows. It may take a while because i dont want to just start out as an extra or be in some cheap movie because that could destroy my reputation before i even make one for myself. well anyway, i’m Gonna send my resume and cross my fingers. even just a little tiny part will do, just to get my foot in the door. I don’t want to sound like a beggar though, but i guess im a little late, haha!

  111. I should be in American Horror Story: Coven because I have unusually long (to my hips) and can look the part of a witch/coven member. I follow directions well, unless asked to, I remain silent while the cameras are running and I have a professional attitude. Also, I love AHS and and would be thrilled to be a part of it. I do hope you use me. I can provide other photos of my hair and look. I have done quite a bit of community theater in my youth, San commercial jingles, was a featured extra on a local show called Morgus Presents, was in an episode of Most wanted and was a regular extra on HBOs True Detective.
    I do hope you will consider me and thank you for your time.

  112. Chris Lawson 2 years ago

    I’m scary (looking)! I live in New Orleans!
    I’ve worked on other films ie The Butler.
    + it’s my favorite show…ever.

  113. Lisa Cover 2 years ago

    I would like to be involved in AHS Coven. I am a red head, blue eyes, and freckles. Not very scary, but possible use in background shots. My advantage is I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, and have worked in mental health for almost 20 years. (I am 39). I feel I have many insights I could offer on mental health. As an added benefit, I love the city of New Orleans, and truly believe in its magical, mysterious ways, especially the occult.

  114. cindi Smith 2 years ago

    I’m a great actress and know just how to pull heartstrings. My favourite role is Jessica Lange as Frances Farmer in ‘Frances’.

  115. Sher Hogue 2 years ago

    I live in Louisiana and would love to be the still photographer for AHS or other productions…Sher Hogue

  116. Shanna 2 years ago

    I have been a big fan of the series since the first episode in season 1. I would absolutely love being a part of season 3. There is just no other show like this out there right now. I’m moving to Florida at the end of August 2013 for, hopefully, more acting opportunities, but would gladly drive to Louisiana. Make my dreams come true? Thank you.

  117. Jasmine Prater 2 years ago

    I am 19 years old and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I believe that I would be a great addition to this movie. I love acting in plays, haunted houses and many more. I have recently played in a theatre play of the Wiz as Evilene the evil witch. I am also a Actress at 13 gates, a haunted house that was voted number 1 haunted house in America. I’ve done alot of theatre plays and also have experience in dance. I would to take my talent and love for acting to the next level and begin to do screenwork. I think that i could be a great asset to this movie. This opportunity if given would make my dreams come true :)

  118. Amanda Sue McClanahan 2 years ago

    I always thought it would be thrilling to die in movie or tv show, what better show is there than American Horror Story?

  119. Billie lynn Schaefer 2 years ago

    I know I’m late but if you need anyone new I am very much into witches and would love a chance to act in this show. It’s very interesting and I think I’d bring a lot to the show

  120. Nicky Love 2 years ago

    I feel I would be an asset to the show because I am a 5th generation African Witch and currently in the present I have many clients I do spiritual work for including some celebrities. I am also a Radio Talk Host and have a million listeners around the world as well as a sacred society where I train new witches to do the spiritual work in their communities around the globe.

  121. Merelyn Yumalai Camarena 2 years ago

    i would even bust a mission to new Orleans for this!
    to be cast at american horror story would be a dream come true!

  122. Robert Curry 2 years ago

    I wanna be

    I don’t have a talent agent or anything

    I have film Cred with Eric Roberts having one with Emma would be complimentary.

  123. Aussieinterloper 1 year ago

    I am an experienced Australian actor with dual residency(Australia & USA), live 2 hours from New Orleans, I live in Mississippi. Check my ImpbPro(Adrian Bernotti) for full details & resume. Would enjoy the experience working with such talented cast & crew.

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