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What is “NIL”? Understanding Name Image Likeness and College Sports

What is Name Image Likeness?
What is Name Image Likeness?

What is “NIL”?

Nil is a term used in college athletics to describe the ability of athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness. It has been a hot topic in college athletics over the past year, as the Supreme Court handed down a ruling against the in June 2021 that opened up this possibility. So, where are we now concerning amateurism in college sports?

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What is the meaning of NIL?

The NCAA v. Alston case centered on whether the NCAA could limit education-related payments to student-athletes. In simpler terms, the case revolved around whether or not athletes could earn compensation based on their likeness and athletic or public prowess– for example, through video games or other officially licensed collegiate products. It followed a similar suit from 2014 titled NCAA v. O'Bannon, which resulted in the end of the popular NCAA Football video game because players could no longer permit their likeness to be used without compensation.

The NIL was created when the NCAA its case in the Alston v. NCAA , and students were permitted to profit from their names, images, and likenesses for time. The decision only concerned education-related payments and did not address any restrictions on student-athletes or prospective student-athletes money earnings. The court's decision against the NCAA came as several states had passed legislation or were working on bills that would give student-athletes more say over how they are depicted.

With the help of the American Athletic Conference, the NCAA combined two petitions into one Supreme Court ruling. This ruling essentially bans pay-for-play efforts at the college level and quid pro quo deals recruits might sign with universities. If enacted, student-athletes wouldn't be able to receive compensation for their performances, and recruits couldn't make contingency plans to attend a certain university in exchange for signing a NIL deal.

How does the NIL help collegiate athletes?

The NIL ruling finally set student-athlete compensation for their likeness, social media posts, and endorsement deals. It has also allowed them to sign with agents.

With the NIL, student-athletes can now make money from their athleticism or mere presence. In a way, this Ended amateurism as we know it.

It has long been a one-sided battle for student-athletes, with colleges and universities taking all the power and reaping all the benefits. Schools sold their jerseys, and the athletes didn't see any compensation. Promotions occurred that teams received benefits while student_athletes were left in the dark. However, NCAA v Alston put control back into the favor of those who sign on to play for a school sports team.

In other words, at BYU, it could be a contract established by Built Bar that provides each Cougar athlete with a specific payment depending on the terms of a proprietary agreement.

How can college athletes find NIL opportunities?

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