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Tom Cruise Lobbied Studios Over Artificial Intelligence

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise arriving for the Rock Of Ages Premiere, Odeon Leicester Square, London. 10/06/2012 Picture by: Alexandra Glen / Featureflash

In light of the recent contract negotiation breakdown between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), renowned actor Tom Cruise engaged in discussions with representatives from both parties. Cruise focused on critical topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), project promotion, and the specific concerns of stunt professionals, according to confirmed reports from Deadline. Notable projects under discussion included “Poker Face,” “Mrs. Davis,” “The Continental,” “Bel-Air,” “Dr. Death,” “Based on a True Story,” and “Bupkis.”

During a bargaining session call last month, Cruise emphasized the significance of SAG-AFTRA’s request for guardrails around generative AI to the AMPTP. The actor also lent his support to the actors guild’s proposals regarding stunt coordinators and performers. However, the guild has yet to disclose the details of these proposals.

Additionally, Cruise encouraged SAG-AFTRA to consider permitting further member promotion of studio projects, even amid a strike. A close source to the actor clarified that this discussion did not specifically revolve around his latest blockbuster spy film, “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” as its PR campaign had already concluded. Instead, Cruise acknowledged the influence of actor PR in shaping box office results, which are particularly crucial for theaters in the post-pandemic era and, consequently, for the acting profession.

As one of the world’s most prominent stars and a staunch advocate for preserving the theatrical experience, Cruise’s insights into the industry’s path through challenging times have always garnered significant attention. He fought to maintain the theatrical release of “Top Gun: Maverick” during the pandemic, and his efforts paid off when the film grossed over $1.4 billion worldwide and received six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Steven Spielberg notably credited Cruise and this particular success with “saving Hollywood’s ass” as it sought to recover from the effects of Covid.

Leading up to the release of his latest “Mission: Impossible” installment, Cruise made a point of urging moviegoers to watch “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” on the big screen as well, highlighting the overall benefit to the industry. In a social media post, Cruise expressed, “This summer offers a lineup of amazing movies to see in theaters. Congratulations, Harrison Ford, on 40 years of Indy and one of the most iconic characters in history. I love a double feature, and nothing is more explosive (or pinker) than watching ‘Oppenheimer’ and ‘Barbie’ back to back.”

“Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” starring Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, and more, premiered on July 12 and has already earned over $235 million at the box office. However, the release of “Dead Reckoning Part Two,” initially planned for June 28, 2024, may face delays unless a resolution is reached promptly amidst the ongoing actors’ strike, leading to several productions’ recent suspensions. The labor action in Hollywood began on July 14 after over a month of negotiations.

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