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“The Killing Kind”, Paramount+ Original Series, Acquired by Hulu


Key Takeaways:

– ‘The Killing Kind', originally a + drama, has found a new home on Hulu.
– The series stars Emma Appleton () and Colin Morgan (Humans)
– The Killing Kind will officially be available on Hulu from May 14th.
– The six-hour thriller is an adaptation of Jane Casey's novel of the same title.
– Eleventh Hour Films, backed by Pictures Television, produced the series while Hayes directed.

“The Killing Kind”, an original drama series previously on Paramount+, has been moved to Hulu. This acquisition involves stars Emma Appleton, known for “The ”, and Colin Morgan from “Humans”. Brought to us by the Eleventh Hour Films, the series is set to be available for on Hulu from May 14th.

Paramount+ to Hulu relocation

Hulu's triumph over Paramount+ in acquiring the rights for the drama series has caused discussion among . The original Paramount+ series launched locally in the UK, but due to a shift in business strategy, all such local dramas were suddenly taken off the platform earlier this year. This sudden departure left the viewers discontent and wanting more. Now reborn under Hulu, the series is likely to attract a large .


“The Killing Kind” is a thrill-ride from beginning to end. The adaptation is based on the best-selling novel by Jane Casey, promising six hours of heart-racing action and plot twists. The narrative follows the life of Ingrid Lewis, played by Appleton, a successful defense attorney. Her journey begins after defending John Webster, portrayed by Morgan, from stalking charges.

A Turn of Events

The storyline gets interesting when Lewis successfully defends Webster, followed by a brief romantic relationship. This brief fling takes a turn for the worse causing their separation, only for Webster to return into her life a year later. A deadly game of cat and mouse begins to play out when a colleague is maliciously run over and John Webster claims to be the only one who could save her from a lurking killer.

Team Comments

Eve Gutierrez and Paula Cuddy of Eleventh Hour Films spoke highly of the recent Hulu deal. “We are delighted that The Killing Kind is set to launch on Hulu in the U.S. It's the perfect home for our , edge of the seat, rollercoaster thriller – with mesmerizing performances from Emma Appleton and Colin Morgan,” they noted.

Your Thoughts

With the transition from Paramount+ to Hulu, generates a sense of anticipation among the audiences. Are you excited to catch “The Killing Kind” on its new home? We welcome any thoughts you'd want to share about this switch.

In conclusion, an unexpected shift of “The Killing Kind” from Paramount+ to Hulu is about to unleash a drama-filled journey for its viewers. From heart-wrenching twists based on a thrilling novel by Jane Casey to phenomenal performances by our leading stars, this series is not one to miss. Mark your calendars because this series is set to air on Hulu from May 14th onwards.



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