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Taylor Sheridan Could Surpass Clint Eastwood in Western Genre, Kevin Costner Once Declared

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Key Takeaways:

• Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan could outshine legendary director in the Western genre, Kevin Costner once stated.
• Despite their recent , Costner expressed interest to collaborate with Sheridan again.
• Costner's return to Yellowstone's final season lies in Sheridan's hands.

Prelude to Western Showdown

Taylor Sheridan, acing the TV with hits like Yellowstone and its -offs, stands astutely in the same light as Clint Eastwood, according to Kevin Costner, Yellowstone's lead star. The praise from Costner, a respected Hollywood veteran, signifies a notable endorsement of Sheridan's storytelling prowess and indicates how he has cemented himself as a formidable force in the Western genre.

Sheridan's Rise on the Western Horizon

Sheridan, as the co-creator of Yellowstone, breathed life into the character of John Dutton, a seventh-generation cattleman portrayed by Costner, battling to protect his inherited ranch. The immediately struck a chord with , gaining immense popularity that triggered several successful spin-offs. This rapid success solidified Sheridan's influential presence within the Hollywood circuit.

In 2018, Yellowstone reached its popularity peak, with Costner and Sheridan maintaining a cordial relationship. In an with Esquire, Costner lauded Sheridan's creative skills. He stated, “The that Taylor admires from a film standpoint, he has a real chance to be better than all of them.” This statement subtly placed Sheridan on a comparable platform with Eastwood, whose directorial efforts played a significant role in the resurgence of the Western genre during the 70s and 80s.

With more Western shows like 1883 and 1924 in Sheridan's portfolio, it's plausible to consider him as a possible future king of contemporary Westerns.

Costner-Sheridan Feud and Reconciliation

Despite the camaraderie and mutual admiration, Costner and Sheridan experienced turbulence during the of Yellowstone's final season. However, Costner has echoed his desire to return as John Dutton for the concluding episodes, indicating a possible resolution of their rift.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Costner indicated his potential collaboration with Sheridan on future projects, stating, “He's very prolific about the things he does, and if he sees me in something that he wants to do, I'll look at it just the way I did Yellowstone and maybe we will end up doing something together.” However, in another conversation with GQ, Costner maintained that his return to Yellowstone would adhere to certain conditions, now in the hands of Sheridan and his team.

Addressing the controversy, Costner alleged that Sheridan might have borrowed story elements from his upcoming Western epic, Horizon: An American Saga, which could reignite their feud. Yet, these allegations remain clouded in uncertainty, given Costner's numerous past appreciations of Sheridan's work.

Yellowstone and its spin-offs continue to engage viewers on Peacock and +. The contrasting dynamics between Sheridan and Costner adds another layer of intrigue to the unfolding story behind the scenes of these popular Western dramas.




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