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SZA Unsettled by R&B Labeling, Seeks Creative Freedom in Music

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Key Takeaways:

– SZA voices her discomfort with the ‘R&B artist' label, feeling it limits her creative freedom
– The envisions her songs being recognized individually, not under the umbrella of any genre
– She further delves into the societal placement of Black women, emphasizing the need for progress
– SZA also reveals her role in an Issa Rae film, co-starring alongside Keke Palmer

SZA Voices Discontent with Labeling

Notorious for her unique vocals and profound lyrics, singer-songwriter SZA recently expressed dissatisfaction with being persistently labeled as an ‘R&B artist.' According to the artist, the label isn't inherently bad but it limits her chances to explore other genres because it's tied to her being Black. She delved into this issue during her discussion with DAZED.

The artist, born Solána Imani Rowe, contrasted her situation with that of other who successfully dabble in multiple genres. She referenced Justin Bieber, illustrating how his public as a pop artist doesn't confine him to that genre only. Bieber has the freedom to produce R&B, folk , or any other genre he wishes to try. SZA expressed a desire for a similar opportunity, to create music without the constraints of a definitive label, usually linked to her skin color or the beats she opts for.

Beyond Genre Boundaries

SZA emphasized the importance of her songs being seen for what they uniquely are, rather than being grouped under a generic label. She named ‘F2F,' ‘Nobody Gets Me,' and ‘' as examples, expressing that each should be recognized for its individuality. Nonetheless, she acknowledged that it's 's way of processing music, implying that it doesn't significantly bother her as long as she doesn't view herself in the same light.

Questioning Societal Norms About Black Women

The conversation then shifted to the broader context of Blackness and how it connects SZA to the R&B genre. She indicated that society still has a long way to go in transcending stigmas and limitations often imposed on Black women. Exhibiting a hopeful perspective, SZA highlighted humanity's potential to outgrow this narrowness, based on lessons learnt across different life stages and experiences.

This sentiment from SZA echoed a similar sentiment shared by Beyoncé after the release of “Cowboy Carter”. Beyoncé clarified that despite being country-inspired, it was not a country album but a “Beyoncé album.” She hinted at a future when an artist's race would have no bearing on their music genre.

SZA Ventures Into

In addition to voicing her opinions on music genres and representation, SZA also announced her forthcoming venture into acting. This news was released earlier this week by Deadline, confirming that she would star in a new film by Issa Rae. She is set to co-star with acclaimed actress Keke Palmer, which is bound to create quite the buzz among fans across both music and film industries.

In wrapping up, SZA's stance on being labeled as an R&B artist primarily serves as a call for society to recognize the fluidity of creativity in music and an artist's freedom to shape their path. This discussion not only manifests her commitment to diversity in her work but also illustrates her resilience and readiness to challenge conventional norms. With her impending entry into the film world, we can expect SZA to keep surprising us, proving that she truly defies singular categorization. Her voice, both in and out of the studio, continues to resonate, making a significant impact across the entertainment industry.



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