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Casting Announcement May Have Revealed Major Death on ‘The Walking Dead’


An unexpected casting announcement may have revealed a major on The . Spoiler Alert?

Last season ended with a horrific cliffhanger. But the scene may prove to have a fatal flaw, as a particular casting decision revealed by The Hollywood Reporter on could have already revealed what happened. The controversy surrounds a fan favorite character Glenn, who is played by Steven Yeun, 32.

In the season six finale, new villain Negan, played by , takes his baseball bat and apparently viciously hits an unknown character to death death.

Speculation among fans have started immediately, as it was not clear whether the show would follow the blueprint of the comic book on which it is based.

In the comics, Glenn is the character who is brutally killed by Negan. According to reports, Yeun has joined the cast of the sci-fi film Okja. The movie is the to the Bong Joon-Ho's beloved Snowpiercer movie and will also Lily Collins and Devon Bostick.

Deadline reported that on the movie started on Friday, while for season 7 of The Walking Dead is scheduled to begin in May.

It has been suggested that since the shooting schedules greatly overlap, Yuen may have been killed off The Walking Dead, as he can't shoot two different projects at once.

There is a chance that can alter their filming schedules to fit Yuen in, but the situation has cat doubt and led many fans to question the cliffhanger episode.

Either way, all will be revealed when season premieres fall 2016.


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