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Star Wars Actor Reveals His Early “Terrible” Acting Jobs


Oscar Isaac, the star of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a huge movie star nowadays.

But, several years ago, he was a struggling actor doing odd jobs in order to pay the bills. One of the jobs he landed was to do voice over work on video games like Dante’s Inferno. However, the job didn’t actually work out for the actor.

In an interview with Birth Movies Death, Isaac was asked about his voice over work, since he did voice over work in this year’s Disney’s Infinity:

Was that your first time doing voice over?

I had done a video game before, but I got fired off it.

How come?

I think they just thought I was bad. It was such a shitty game, though.Dante’s Inferno.

That is a really bad game.


You dodged a bullet there.

I had no choice. It was a Force dodge.

Ouch. You can check out the trailer for Dante’s Inferno below:

Dante in that game was later voiced by Graham McTavish, who played Dwalin in the Hobbit movies and in several video games including the Uncharted series.

You can read the full interview with Oscar Isaac here.

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