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9 Movie Scenes That Almost Made Actors Quit [VIDEO]


Here are scenes that almost made actors quit .

While may look like glamorous from the outside and the idea of being famous is appealing to all over the world, there is also a dark side to acting in the industry. For example, the amount of hard work such as long hours, grueling set conditions, and personal convictions can all impact an 's mental health and future career.

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That kind of work can pressure a person's limits not just as an actor but as a human being. Recently, channel, Looper, created a video highlighting 9 scenes that almost made actors quit acting.

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The video highlights how Michelle Rodriguez didn't approve of the script for The Fast and The Furious, which was extremely risky for an actress who never appeared in major movies before this project. Ultimately, producers would agree with Rodriguez and change the script.

The video features:

  1. Michelle Rodriguez in The Fast and the Furious 
  2. Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead
  3. in The Grinch 
  4. Ian McKellen in The Hobbit 
  5. in Fantastic Four 
  6. Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire
  7. Russell Crowe in Robin Hood 
  8. Emma Watson in  
  9. Al Pacino in The Godfather

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