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Actor’s Union Calls for MORE Diversity in Hollywood


SAG-AFTRA is calling for more diversity in the .

The guild's President's Task Force on , Outreach and Engagement and Advisory Committee approved a statement in a joint meeting on Feb. 3 that was issued on Wednesday.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

it says the current on diversity isn't just about race but also disability, age, gender, gender identify and sexual orientation; it commits the guild to focusing on inequities “in terms of opportunity, treatment and ”; it says statistics are a helpful tool in measuring progress, but the ultimate goal is “more and better for our members”; and it calls for greater inclusion throughout the industry.

“A lack of diversity permeates our industry, and SAG- as an organization is committed to affecting change,” said SAG-AFTRA president Ken Howard. “Our Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity Department is solely dedicated to making change on the front line, but inclusivity is something we care deeply about throughout all facets of our .”

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“There does seem to be momentum now towards inclusiveness,” added SAG-AFTRA executive vp Gabrielle Carteris. “But we won't really see change happen until those in authority take responsibility and choose to make decisions based on authenticity. These decisions directly impact which stories and are present and, more importantly, which are missing.”

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