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Paris Attacks – Several Videos Leak Online Showing the Brutal Attack [VIDEO]


Several videos have leaked online from the Paris attacks that occurred on Friday.

According to reports, investigations into the series of terrorist attacks that killed over 100 people in Paris are quickly ramping up, with people taken into custody and one of the gun-wielding suicide bombers identified.

Paris Attack
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French President Francois Hollande has also blamed the terrorist group ISIS for the recent wave of violence that put Paris under attack. He called the coordinated attacks an “act of war”.

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack that said eight of its militants were wearing explosive belts and armed with machine guns and attacked selected targets across the city.

David Shuff/Facebook.com

It was the deadliest terrorst attack in Europe since the Madrid train bombings of 2004, in which 191 people died.

Here is everything we know so far.

  • Three teams of terrorists staged coordinated attacks in six locations throughout Paris late Friday, including a concert hall, a stadium, and two restaurants.
  • At least 129 people were killed and 352 wounded with at least 99 people in serious condition.
  • Seven terrorists were killed, which is one less than the number ISIS claimed to be involved.
  • A black car beleived to be used by the terrorists have been found which, suggests another accomplice is still on the run.
  • “The threat is still going on. The risk is still very high, and nothing says this terror sequence is over yet,” Paris Deputy Mayor Paul Klugman said.

Since these reports, several videos from inside the Bataclan, the concert hall, have leaked online and while the images are graphic, they do show what happened moments before and after the terrorist attack. NSFW

Recent Paris Attack news:

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