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New iPhone 6s Will Bend in Your Pocket


Keeping an iPhone 6 in your pocket may cause your phone to bend.

Reports from consumers say that keeping an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus can cause the body of the phone to warp around their leg.

According to Geek.com, consumers have complained that the phone cases having bent after merely sitting in a pants pocket for a long amount of time.

The author reported that even his own iPhone 6 had experienced bending problems. Although it was less than what other consumers experienced.

“Just to be on the safe side, shortly after reading these reports I [Geek.com’s Russell Holly] checked out my own iPhone 6 and discovered a similar — but significantly less noticeable — effect. Much like these other reports, my phone had been in my front pocket for an extended period of time while I was driving. The phone is otherwise in perfect working order, and has never once been dropped or sat on (or anything).”

But, it could all depend upon how tight a consumer’s pants are. The tighter the pants, the more the phone begins to bend.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are designed to be lightweight smart phones, made out of aluminum with soft, curved edges. But, the latest innovation may be the Apple’s biggest flaw. The phone’s lightweight construction could be to blame for the warping problem.


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