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MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’ Winners Reveal the Show Was Basically Fake


' Winners reveal that the show was basically fake with creating fake back stories and adding stuff that didn't .

MTV's ‘Pimp My Ride' entertained millions of every week. The showed X to the Z Xzibit knocking on people's doors in an attempt to change a person's life by “pimping” their ride.

But, according a recent Huffington Post report, the show was basically fake.

Here is a list of what the basically encountered.

1. Additions were made to the cars just for then taken away before the car owners drove home.

2. A lot of additions didn't work after MTV finished filming.

3. A lot of the cars suffered from mechanical malfunctions including one car bursting into flames, although it happened years later.

4. The contestants were forced into showing over the top reactions.

5. Producers made a guy break up with his girlfriend to say he was a pimp.

6. Producers threw candy into one contestant's car to make fun of him for being overweight.

A lot of the contestants at the end of the day said they enjoyed the experience and they would likely do it again. They also liked hanging out with the Xzibit. One particular contestant said he asked what Xzhibit doing that weekend and Xzibit said: “he's going to go down to hell to kill the devil so he can make some Satan skin boots.”

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