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Louisiana Film Industry is Down 90%


Louisiana’s film industry hits rock bottom as 90% of productions move to Georgia.

Louisiana’s film industry is down 90 percent as film crew workers, actors, models, and talent move to Atlanta, Georgia.

After getting rid of the film tax credits in Louisiana their film industry has flopped harder than a Brendan Fraser movie. Now, crew workers are picking up their bags and moving to Atlanta, Georgia in hopes of landing a job in Atlanta’s thriving film industry. In fact, according to Ellie Hensley, film business in Louisiana is down 90%.

Louisiana previously offered up to 30% production tax credits. But when legislators found that the tax credits had cost the state $1.4 billion dollars over the past eight years and studies showed that the money was not being reinvested into the community, legislators capped the program to only $180 million a year.

North Carolina did the same thing last year and their film industry has came to a complete stand still with only two minor productions filming at a time.

Despite a major push to end Georgia’s film tax program, Georgia’s film industry is booming with 33 movies and TV shows currently filming this month. And Marvel unofficially calling Atlanta their primary filming location for all future movies.

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