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Black History Month: Kanye Calls for Rebranding to “Black Future Month”

Chris Rock Kanye West
Chris Rock Kanye West

Kanye West calls for rebranding Black History Month as “Black Future Month.”

On February 1, 2022, Kanye West announced, “February is now Black Future Month,” adding the hashtag # B.F.M. to gain traction and go viral.

Ye first proposed the rebrand last year on the N.O.R.E. Drink Champs . At about two hours into the interview, Ye stated: “I need Black Future Month. I need Black Possibility Month.

“I'm tired of seeing us getting hosed-down. I'm tired of talking about slavery,” Kanye added.

Ye previously went viral for making controversial statements about slavery. In fact, in 2018, the rapper received backlash from historians when he appeared on T.M.Z. and suggested that slavery was “a choice.” Then, in July 2020, he doubled down and alleged Harriet Tubman “never actually freed the slaves.”

About :

Black History Month is observed in the United States and Canada during February to celebrate incomparable leaders and luminaries.

Black history month is observed with special events, projects, awards ceremonies, and lectures designed to honor African Americans who have contributed significantly to the advancement of society. Black History Month is a great way to recognize the immense achievements of Black people.

Who started Black History Month?

Black History Month was created by Black educators in the United States in 1926, according to BlackFacts.org. Carter G. Woodson established Negro History Week in Chicago on February 12, 1926. The week-long celebration was meant to coincide with the dates of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass's birthdays.

Negro History Week eventually became Black History Month. Black history month is celebrated by gathering the community to discuss the progress of Black people since their arrival in America and how Black history has been affected throughout American history.

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