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It’s Official! Caitlyn Jenner is Legally a Woman


It's official. Judge grants 's request to legally change name and gender.

Caitlyn Jenner can now get documents under her new identity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a judge has approved Caitlyn Jenner's request to make her name and gender change official. Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg approved Jenner's to legally change her name and gender during a hearing in , California.

The 65-year-old Olympic medalist, who was born a man and named William Bruce Jenner, didn't attend the court hearing. The approval now means she can get government documents, such as a driver's license and Social Security card, under new identity.


Caitlyn Jenner has publicly transitioned to a woman in recent months after revealing her intentions to Diane Sawyer in a major and TV special. Some details that accompanied her petition for a name and gender were redacted after Jenner claimed  concerns and threats she says she has received during her transition.

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