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How to Become an Actor


The process of becoming an actor is a long and hard journey. But Project Casting is prepared to help offer you the best on How to Become an Actor! Project Casting will be offering several How To Guides to turn your dream into a reality. Many all started from where you are right now, reading on the latest casting calls, attending acting , networking with friends. So, do not be intimidated by the competition, or the amount of work it takes to make into the .

Us here at Project Casting are determined to deliver to you in depth articles inspiring, and putting YOU ahead of other talent. Learn the most mistakes make during an audition, also how to get the most of a call back audition, and even discover how to respond to casting calls. All of these , and tricks will be an effective way for you to Land that Audition!

It takes time dedication and hard work! Project Casting is determined, and relentless to providing all aspiring talent various opportunities, information, and other resources for FREE.

Enhance your Craft…

What to Expect at An Audition? TV, Film, & Theater
First off, it is important to be seen by , have it be for TV Projects, Film, or even Theater. It is necessary for you to showcase your abilities for every opportunity that comes your way. Unless you are A-List actor….

How to Prepare for an Audition
Auditions are required and it is something that all actors must go through. The downside is that an audition can mess with you mentally. It is very possible that you mastered the role, but it is very much possible for you to second guess your abilities. Thus…

How to Respond to Casting Calls

Casting directors filter through hundreds, if not thousands of head-shots and everyday. So how do you effectively stand out from the crowd, and not have your submission thrown in the trash. So, here is a list of helpful hints on what to do for submitting to roles.

Preparing your Monologues

Nothing is more crucial to your monologue than choosing the right one for your type and skill level. It is important to note that a monologue audition is your opportunity to showcase your talent—your time to shine. This is probably one of very few situations where the actor has a complete control of the situation.

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