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How Cillian Murphy and Bradley Cooper Prepared for Their Acting Oscar Worthy Roles

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Key Takeaways:
• Cillian Murphy engaged in extensive research and physical transformation for his role in ‘Oppenheimer.'
• Bradley Cooper spent six years learning how to compose for a specific scene in ‘Maestro,' also taking on directing duties.
• Despite the intense contest, Murphy beat Cooper for the Best Actor .

Murphy's Extensive Research for ‘Oppenheimer'

Cillian Murphy, a highly acclaimed actor in Hollywood, garnered extensive attention for his role as physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer in ‘Oppenheimer.' Murphy received the call to take on the part from director Christopher Nolan, which he considered a dream come true. Facing the challenge of preparing for the role in merely six months, Murphy demonstrated his dedication to his craft.

As part of his preparatory journey, Murphy dove into an in-depth exploration of the Bhagavad Gita and even adopted Oppenheimer's smoking habits. The actor also adopted a strict diet to emulate Oppenheimer's lean physique accurately. Murphy confessed that the transformation was demanding, yet he enjoyed becoming the embodiment of Oppenheimer's distinct physical attributes.

Emily Blunt, co-star in the , divulged the extent of Murphy's immersion in the role, recounting that he seldom joined the rest of the cast for dinner due to his dedication to the character. Murphy's commitment to the role resulted in him being sequestered from his social life.

Cooper's Rigorous for ‘Maestro' Outshines Murphy's

In a slightly different scenario, Bradley Cooper meticulously prepared for his role in ‘Maestro.' His commitment extended beyond his performance; Cooper took the directorial reins from . This step upcame after his successful directorial debut in ‘,' giving him the confidence to propose himself for the job, which he earned after impressing Spielberg with his vision for the film.

Cooper invested six years in learning how to compose for a specific scene in ‘Maestro,' capturing Leonard Bernstein's iconic performance with the Symphony Orchestra in 1976. His meticulous preparation and dedication even included developing a unique set of hand signals with the to maintain character consistency whilst directing.

The ‘American ' actor engaged in method acting throughout the ‘Maestro' , a practice he has maintained since 2018. Cooper dedicated three to six hours daily for makeup, ensuring his appearance aligned with Bernstein's different stages of life.

Competition for the Oscars

Despite Cooper's phenomenal effort and performance in ‘Maestro,' Murphy clinched the Best Actor title at this year's Oscars. Both actors committed fully to their respective , but it was Murphy's portrayal of Oppenheimer that earned him the coveted award.

Fans stand divided on the Best Actor's choice, albeit happy that their favourite actors received recognition for their intense commitment and stunning performances. While Murphy's transformation for ‘Oppenheimer' was truly laudable, Cooper's unwavering dedication to ‘Maestro' – both in front of and behind the camera – also deserves appreciation.

In a landscape where truly immersive performances are becoming more admired, the lengths to which Murphy and Cooper went to embody their characters merely highlight the dedication these exceptional actors bring to their craft. Regardless of who bagged the Oscar, both performances will remain etched in the annals of film history for their extraordinary attention to detail and outstanding commitment.



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