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Chris Pratt Reveals How He Nearly Died On Set of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’


During a recent interview on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, Chris Pratt was asked if he used stuntmen while filming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. While the actor confirmed that he worked with a great stunt team, that didn’t keep him safe from an unexpected “mishap” that left the actor “knocked out.”

Like most dangerous stunts on movie sets, this one started with Pratt being suspended from a set of wires 15 feet in the air. Pratt had earlier said he was concerned with the stunt after seeing the stunt team perform what was a scary fast fall.

“I saw it and I thought, ‘That’s very fast. Should you slow that down?’ And they said, ‘It’s gonna be half that speed. That’s only half the speed.'”

Unfortunately, that was not the case. As he hovered, “planking in the air” above the mat he was to land on, the people in charge of dropping the wires let go too fast. Pratt suddenly found himself plummetting towards the floor.

“So when we did the stunt, I guess they accidentally did double the speed, so they essentially just dropped us in midair. And I flew down, and I was heading toward the ground.”

Pratt tried to protect both his head and his injured elbow, twisting around mid-air in order to take the brunt of the force with his shoulder. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out as planned.

“So I turn this way and I just bounce my face off the mat. I saw a flash of yellow and kind of tasted, like, smoke in my mouth.”

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that he may have suffered a mild concussion. That said, the only reasonable thing he could think of was picking himself up off that mat and finishing the scene. Why? Because he knew that if he didn’t, he’d have to re-shoot the stunt all over again— despite the fact that “there was little birds flying around my head all day.”

Chris Pratt may be one of the biggest up and coming action stars in Hollywood, but his decision to do his own stunts has landed him in hot water in the past. He shared a photo of a gnarly bruise he sustained to his bicep on Instagram, a product of a stunt he performed while filming Passengers.

See #Passengers on Dec. 21st and see if you can spot the stunt that caused these bruises!

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In addition, Pratt also told Shannon LaNier that he was thrown off his motorcycle while filming Jurassic World, landing 25 feet away and injuring his back. Oh, Pratt also told People magazine that he had to get shoulder surgery due to overtraining for Zero Dark Thirty.

Let’s hope Pratt doesn’t get injured while filming for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

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