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Angelina Jolie to Sue Over Leaked “Heroin Addict Video”


Angelina Jolie to Sue Daily Mail over “heroin addict

It has been a very bad week for Daily Mail. Recently, the news site had to apologize to after he accused the tabloid of making stories about his fiancee's family, and is now reportedly being sued by Angelina Jolie over a video that was over 15 years ago by a guy who claims he was her drug dealer.

The video originally leaked by the National Enquirer by a former drug dealer, says he would occasionally drop off at Angelina Jolie's apartment to drop off heroin and cocaine.

DailyMail ran the video attaching their logo to the footage, under the headline saying, “Bloodshot hollow eyes, emaciated arms and rambling on the phone: Haunting video of Angelina Jolie the heroin addict”.

The Times of London comments that Angelina Jolie has “started legal action” against the Daily Mail and feels the video was a violation of her .

In the video it shows her talking to her dad Jon Voight over a particular family situation.

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Photo Credit: National Enquirer

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