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Aaron Paul Reveals Netflix Doesn’t Pay Him ‘Breaking Bad’ Residuals

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul at the Bryan Cranston Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, Hollywood, CA 07-16-13

Aaron Paul Exposes Lack of Netflix Residuals for ‘'

In a surprising revelation, Aaron Paul, known for his iconic role as in the acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad, disclosed that he does not receive compensation for the show's streams on Netflix despite its sustained popularity on the platform.

The actor made this startling statement while participating in the SAG-AFTRA picket line outside Studios, where fellow members, including Jesse Plemons and , joined him. Paul said, “I don't get a piece from Netflix on Breaking Bad, to be honest, and that's insane.” He expressed his belief that many services have bneglectedtheir responsibility to provide fair wages to talent, emphasizing that it is high time they rectify this situation.

Cranston chimed in, highlighting that the cast chose to gather at the picket line outside Sony due to the studio's involvement in Breaking Bad, its spinoff, and the Netflix El Camino. He clarified, “We're not making them the enemy. They are not villains. We will all be working with these people again at some point. We just want them to see reality.”

Paul's revelation comes from Grey's Anatomy star Pompeo's public call-out of Netflix for failing to compensate with residuals when a show is streamed on the platform.

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