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Stay Up Late at Night? Casting Call for a New TV Series “Night Shift”


In the evening does the real you come alive?  Do you rise as the sun sets?  Are you drinking coffee when the moon shines?

Doron Ofir Casting is now casting nationwide for a new, innovative docu-series that follows the night owls who work “The Night Shift.”

It’s after dark, the sun has gone down, but your day is just starting. You may not know it, but you have the most interesting job in the country.  For the 1st time ever you and your co-workers get the opportunity to show the world what it’s like to work “The Night Shift” – from unusual situations, to extraordinary characters that prove the freaks come out at night!

Whether you’re a cook at a 24 hour diner, a security guard on the watch, a convenience store manager, a hotel/motel desk clerk, a mortician on call, a driver looking for nighttime fares, or a baker preparing morning pastries—we are eager to hear from you.

Apply now at nightshiftcasting.com

Source: Doron Ofir Casting

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