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Los Angeles Extras Casting Call for Hair Stylists

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If you are exploring diverse career paths in the entertainment industry, casting is one initiative that can lead you to your dream job. One such innovative platform is online job-seeking, which brings you this centered in Los Angeles for stylists. This article will walk you through the essential details about this job, including the role's responsibilities, requirements, and compensation details. Add flair to your life, make your mark, and let your skills shine on a broader platform.

Key Takeaways:

As an aspiring hair stylist, this casting call promises vast exposure in an industry where creativity and talent reign supreme. In addition, it offers you the chance to forge influential connections, cultivate your expertise, and plunge into the bustling world of film and television. Keep in mind that Los Angeles is the heart of the entertainment world, which is sure to bring unparalleled and rewards.

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Job Details:

As Los Angeles is the global center of the television and , an enriching and exciting opportunity is being put forth for hair stylists. Works will include assisting the professional stylists in their tasks and working independently on the set of an upcoming project. The role requires your commitment to the project, and in return, you will gain valuable experience working in the dynamic field of .

Job Location:

The job is exclusively located in Los Angeles, the heart of the film and entertainment industry. As a city known for its countless movie sets, backdrops, and studios, the opportunity to build connections and establish a dependable network will be plentiful.

Job Responsibilities:

As a hair stylist, your core responsibilities for this casting call will entail:

1. Collaborating with makeup artists and costume designers for establishing the desired look.
2. Utilizing advanced hairstyling techniques for managing actors' and ' hair.
3. Ensuring the actors' hairstyles remain consistent throughout the filming.
4. Working under the supervision of professional stylists and independently when required.


Prospective candidates for this casting call in Los Angeles must meet the following criterias:

1. Have previous experience working as a hair stylist, preferably in the film or industry.
2. Updated portfolio demonstrating exceptional talent and creativity in hairstyling.
3. Ability to effectively under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines.
4. Willingness to work irregular hours, according to the film broadcast timings.
5. Excellent communication skills

Compensation Details:

With this casting call job, not only will you be able to establish yourself in the entertainment industry, but you will also be aptly rewarded for your talent and skillset. The pay scale is competitive and subject to the guidelines of the production house. More specific details will be provided during the process.

Remember to tailor your application to match the requirements stated above; your portfolio reflecting your unique style and creativity is the key to securing a position. In return, you are guaranteed a competitive salary, experience, and the chance to leave your mark on the hair-styling industry.

Unleash your creative genius on this unique platform and see where this incredible career journey will lead you. The entertainment world awaits your expertise!


Seize this opportunity to establish yourself as a hairstylist in the dynamic and competitive world of film and television. Turn your dreams into reality with this magnificent casting call opportunity in Los Angeles. Polish your skills, showcase your talent, and explore the unparalleled opportunities that project casting offers in the entertainment industry. Apply today and step into the world that matches your career aspirations and propels you towards your future success.

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