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Chase Your Dreams: Become a Magical Princess Brand Ambassador at Disney World’s Run Marathon Orlando!

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Ever fancied stepping into the glimmery shoes of a Disney Princess in the magical world of Walt Disney? Mix that with the intoxicating thrill of a marathon and you get the Disney World Orlando Magical Princess Run Marathon! This unmissable event is currently hiring Brand Ambassadors to infuse an enchanting persona into this popular annual happening. Here’s a golden chance for you to not just represent a character but to become one and influence countless dreamers, runners, and Disney fans who converge at this joyful jamboree.

Key Takeaways:

  • Opportunity to work with Walt Disney World, Orlando
  • Unique role as a Brand Ambassador for the Magical Princess Run Marathon
  • A chance to interact and inspire an engaging crowd of Disney fans and marathon enthusiasts
  • Nurturing professional prowess while experiencing the mindset of a Disney Princess 
  • Competitive compensation package

Do you have the talent to entertain an audience? Can you parlay professionalism while keeping the magic of Disney alive? Then, this Brand Ambassador role at the Disney World Orlando Magical Princess Run Marathon is ideal for you! This superb fusion of work and fun could turn out to be that career-defining pivot you’ve been waiting for.

 Dreams Do Come True, And Here’s Your Chance

This role is as exciting as it sounds, but it’s certainly not all about glitter and tiaras. It involves an immense amount of responsibility and dynamism while channeling your inner princess, of course! Read on to find out more about the job details, responsibilities, and requirements along with the compensation.

 Job Details

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll be the face and spirit of the Magical Princess Run Marathon. Your main duty would be to engage, entertain, and interact with the attendees. The location of this job is the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. A majority of your activities would revolve around the marathon event, requiring your presence before, during, and after the marathon for different activities.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Representing the Brand: You’ll be the Magical Princess, the soul of the marathon event. Your presence will set the tone, injecting magic and energy into the audience.
  • Event Engagement: Your duty will be to inspire the crowd and keep them engaged throughout the marathon with your personality, charm, and charisma.
  • Interacting with Attendees: At the marathon, personal interactions are just as crucial, if not more, as the event itself. You’ll converse with the attendees, make them feel welcome, and listen to their stories, all while embodying the grace of a Disney princess.
  • Promoting the Marathon: You’ll actively participate in promoting the Disney World Orlando Magical Princess Run Marathon across multiple platforms.


  • Strong Interpersonal skills 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to embody a Disney Princess with grace
  • Ability to engage large crowds 
  • Passion for marathons and running events in general
  • Prior experience in similar roles will be a plus
  • Ability to work on feet for hours due to the nature of the marathon


For your efforts, you will be compensated competitively. However, the experience of working in this enchanting environment amidst princesses, marathons, and the delightful Disney audience is a reward par excellence.

Does it feel like your fairy godmother has finally heard your wishes? If yes, then don’t let this opportunity slip away! Become a part of this gala event at the wonderful Disney World Orlando Magical Princess Run Marathon. Chase your dreams, and remember, the sky’s the limit when you have a tiara on your head! 

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