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Casting Call for Healthcare Commercial


The entertainment is ever-expanding, particularly in hubs like where they are constantly on the lookout for fresh . Project Casting, a leading job-seeking platform for the entertainment industry, lists numerous fantastic opportunities for aspiring individuals. One such listing is for ID 2600, a Healthcare Shooting in Miami. This high-end shoot offers an exciting platform for both professionals and newbies. Here, we venture into a detailed report on everything you need to know about this casting call; from job details, responsibilities, requirements to .

Key Takeaways:

– Unique professional opportunity in a healthcare
– Handsome compensation package for the selected actors
– An opportunity to explore the vibrant, energetic Miami
– An exciting to network and brush shoulders with industry professionals

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 Job Detail:

The casting call ID 2600 provides an eye-catching opportunity for actors who want to make a stride in the commercial sector. This healthcare commercial, as listed on Project Casting, is an exceptional opportunity to showcase talent and gain significant industry exposure. The shoot takes place in the vibrant city of Miami; however, no details are provided about the company conducting it or the product being advertised.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Bring creativity and energy to the set, delivering an exceptional performance that aligns with the director's vision.
2. Collaborate with other actors, the director, and the production team to create a convincing healthcare narrative.
3. Adapt to the necessary changes swiftly on set.


The casting call is quite open-ended, inviting applications from people across ages, genders, ethnicities, and experience levels. Below we lay down the comprehensive requirements for this casting call.

1. Availability: The must be available for the shoot dates provided in the casting call.
2. Location: It's preferred that the actors are locals from Miami.
3. Experience: While not explicitly mentioned, prior experience in commercial shoots would certainly be advantageous.

Now, let's break down the specific casting requirements:

– Men and Women, 40-60 years old, any ethnicity, fit a healthy look.
– Men and Women, 60-75 years old, any ethnicity, fit a healthy look.
– Hot Girl, 20-30 years old, any ethnicity.
– Fit Men, 20-30 years old, any ethnicity.

What's interesting is that this casting call caters to a wide variety of demographic.

Compensation Details:

One of the key aspects that make the casting call ID 2600 truly enticing is the compensation provided. The talent selected will be paid $400/day rate. Non-union talent, however, will receive $250/day. Considering the industry-average compensation, this is a handsomely paying commercial shoot which adds another feather to its attractiveness.


This healthcare commercial casting call posted by Project Casting is an attractive opportunity for actors with varying experiences and backgrounds. The commercial offers a lucrative compensation rate, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a foot in the door of the entertainment industry. The vast age range of individuals sought and the healthy look required reflects a realistic and inclusive approach to casting.

So, why wait? Apply today and who knows, it could be the start of a promising career.

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