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$1500 Commercial Casting Call for Babies in Toronto


$1500 for new born babies in Toronto, .

Casting is looking for newborn babies to on an filming in Toronto, Canada. Casting directors are looking new born babies to work on the upcoming commercial. are looking talent that are available to work on the upcoming commercial filming in November. Kids that are selected will be compensated $1500+ to work on the commercial.

To audition for a role on the TV commercial, check out the casting call details below:

Toronto Commercial Casting Call

Jigsaw Casting Ltd. Is Looking For Newborn Babies for an Upcoming Telecomm Campaign!

Though it may not seem it all of the time, the world definitely is full of amazing and kind . Project Telecomm is a campaign all about displaying the hard work of various volunteers from the dedicated telecommunications employees in the volunteering space.

These volunteers are spending their free time helping newborn children at risk – and this campaign is being designed to recreate the environment that they are working in.

Newborn Baby: A small newly born child, preferably as young as possible – either male or female. Please be sure to specify the age and weight of your child when submitting.

*Those selected will make approx. $400.
Those that make the final cut will receive approx. $1500 in addition.

Details & Submission Information
If interested, you must submit in order to be considered.
Please e-mail the following to: info@jigsawcasting.com
1. Your own name, your child's name, the age and weight of your child, and a brief bio
2. Photo of your child (Where we can clearly see their face. Ideally no hats or sunglasses)
3. Your primary contact information (phone number & email address) *If your child is a represented , please include your union status and your 's contact information
4. Please write ‘PROJECT TELECOMM' in subject line of e-mail, along with your name and age. (E.G. PROJECT TELECOMM – Jane Smith – 10 days)

Submissions are due by: November 3rd at 4:00pm
You must be available for these key dates:
WARDROBE: November 6th
SHOOT: November 9th
*Auditions Are Done By Photo Submission Only

Questions or Concerns
*If you have already submitted for this project, you do not need to resubmit your information
*Please note that you will not be compensated for the audition
*This is a union job. Real people will be permitted
*You must be a Canadian Citizen to participate
*If you have received this bulletin after the initial audition date, please call Jesse at 416.360.0336 ext 226 as you may be able to attend the recall audition

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Do you think you are perfect for this role? Leave us a comment below and tell casting directors why you should be selected!

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