What You Should Be Doing When You Feel Unmotivated

Feel unmotivated? Try these strategies the next time you feel unsure about your career choice.

Sometimes, you can get to a point in your career where you are completely unmotivated. So how do you keep going? There’s always a way.

Much like most actors, models and other talents, I’ve faced several instances when there was nothing keeping me going excepting hoping for my next audition. In such cases, it is difficult to stay motivated, let alone do your work to your best ability. Psychology Today defines motivation as the gas that keeps you driving to your goals.

Our motives dictate where we find our pleasures. But when it comes to pursuing those goals, life so often presents difficulties. And when we face setbacks and obstacles in reaching the goals our motives drive us toward, circuitry converging on a zone in the left prefrontal cortex comes alive to remind us of the good feelings we will have once we reach that goal. When things go wrong, this helps us keep going through tough times. [Psychology Today]

Take responsibility but stop blaming yourself. Motivation comes from within. Even though outside factors can affect you, your reaction is what ultimately leaves you demotivated. But, there is a difference between taking responsibility for what happens and then blaming yourself for this. If your not liking what you are doing, it may be your fault but, take responsibility for that and fix your problems rather than beating yourself up. For example, don’t feel that you need to punish yourself for not landing a role. Instead, create a plan on how to land your next role.

At the end of the day never give up on your dream. Every actor, model, and talent may have to overcome some obstacle. It is those that never quit that become successful. Next time you feel unmotivated concentrate on what matters and then figure out how to get there.


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