What It Takes to Edit a Major TV Show (VIDEO)

While you can spend thousands of dollars going to film school, there is a cheap alternative where you can learn how to become a talented filmmaker. It’s called YouTube.

One of the best YouTube channels for filmmakers is the page “This Guy Edits”. This YouTube channel features tips, tricks, and an inside look into the life a professional movie editor.

THIS GUY EDITS (TGE) is a youtube channel by film editor Sven Pape, an A.C.E. award nominee, whose credits include work for directors James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and James Franco.

In his latest video, “WHAT IT TAKES  To Edit Big Videos” the video shows Josh, the editor behind House of Cards, Bloodline and most recently Counterpart.

Editor Josh Beal is currently editing Season 2 and allows us to view an inside look into his working process and he discusses the editor’s role, storytelling techniques, the workflow on a TV show, the responsibility of the Assistant Editor and how to become a TV editor.


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