Are You An Aspiring Influencer? Apply to VidCon’s Creator Grant $104,000 Film Grant

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VidCon Creator Grant is giving aspiring filmmakers, influencers and content creators $2,000.

Over the next 52 weeks, the world-famous Anaheim convention will be giving away a total of $104,00 in grant money to online video creators.

While the ninth annual VidCon may have ended, the hugely popular California convention devoted to the rise of social media and influencers is reinvesting their money into the film industry.

VidCon and its co-founder Hank Green are offering a $2,000 grant to a different video creator each week for the next year (that amounts to 52 video creators getting a cumulative total of $104,000). 

VidCon only exists because online video is a huge, vibrant creative and economic ecosystem of independent creators. People invent whole new genres these days as fast as we used to create shows. At the same time, it’s gotten harder. Some months are great, others are terrible. More people have more resources, and breaking out is harder than ever. But we think we’re in trouble if the creativity and passion of the last ten years starts to be beaten down by the new established powers, whether that’s agencies or networks, or even VidCon, with it’s necessarily finite invites.

Named the VidCon Creator Grant Program, the open call for submissions is, well, now open. Read on to see if you’re eligible. 

Nearly anyone could apply including bloggers, makeup artists, filmmakers, and more. If you make content for the Internet, VidCon is interested. If you’re a resident of the United States who is currently creating at least two online videos a month (for at least the past six months) and have less than 150,000 views consistently, you’re eligible to apply.

Considering how difficult it is to become an influencer, especially considering all the time it takes to create new content, VidCon’s grant is making it easier for aspiring social media influencers.

Wondering what you will need to spend your money if you win? That is put o you. As the FAQs reveal, “[you can use the $2,000] however you want. If this is just going to help you make rent, that’s fine with us. If you want to get a new camera? Go for it. New lights? A drone? Hiring an editor for a big project? Yes! If you buy a bunch of lottery tickets with it, well, that would be disappointing, but we can’t stop you.” NFS note: please don’t do that!

If you’re eligible to apply, you can do so now, and to fill out the brief application, please click here.



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