Tom Hiddleston Reveals His Secret to Better Acting [VIDEO]

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Tom Hiddleston shares his best acting tips and they are amazing.

Actor Tom Hiddleston is becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest actors especially after playing Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies, but it looks as though Hiddleston is not done. In fact, Tom Hiddleston is expanding with new roles in radio, television, theater, film and even video games. However, dramatic roles have become a passion of his and for his new role in the upcoming AMC miniseries The Night Manager Hiddleston pushed his limits in order to get into character.

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So how does an actor prepare for a role as a night manager at a hotel? By working as a night manager at a hotel. According to reports, Tom Hiddleston prepared for his role as a soldier turned night manager by shadowing a manager at an upscale hotel.

The Night Manager will have a limited, six episode run with the premise being Hiddleston’s character is involved in a  plot to take down an international arms dealer played by Hugh Laurie.

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Laurie also did some hands on rsearch for his role, but due to the dangerous nature of his character he wasn’t able to about who he spent time with to prepare, which makes sound a whole lot more interesting.

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The series already premiered in the UK on BBC throughout February and March and will debut in the United States on April 19th. The Night Manager earned some serious awards during its original run in the UK, which as a lot of people excited about the US premiere. The series is based on a novel by the same name written by John Le Carre in 1993.

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Two years ago in an interview with BAFTA Guru, Hiddleston also shared some amazing tips on how to become an actor. He discussed writing plays as a child, the moment he realised he could be an actor, and why he will always love Disney’s The Jungle Book. Basically, Hiddleston believes firmly that “You Can Do This If You Want To”

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