Netflix ‘Space Force’ Casting Directors on The Importance of Casting “New, Fresh Faces”

Steve Carell
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Netflix’sSpace Force’ casting directors, Allison Jones, and Ben Harris, spoke with Variety about the casting process for the series.

The casting team talked about Ben Schwartz and how his acting career has progressed since his breakout role in ‘Parks & Recreation’, Schwartz points to the influence Allison Jones has had on his acting career. He explains, “They find the funniest people and they bring them in and keep bringing them in. She [Jones] had to bring me in a lot of times ‘til anybody cared. She pushes for them — pushes for people like me who they think are funny … and then finds a way to put them in a show where they fit the best.”

Casting Director Ben Harris agreed with Schwartz saying how much they help talent adding, “We pride ourselves on bringing in new, fresh faces, but I think it’s also there are plenty of journeyman actors that have been at it for a long time. We know that they’re some of the funniest people out there, and they’re just waiting for the right role.”

Jones and Harris previously worked with ‘Space Force’ creators Steve Carell and Greg Daniels on ‘The Office’.

The fictitious Space Force is led by four-star Gen. Mark R. Laird (Carell) along with chief scientist Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich). Carell and Malkovich are joined by an ensemble cast, including Noah Emmerich, Owen Daniels, Tawny Newsome, Diana Silvers, Jimmy O. Yang, Jessica St. Clair, Lisa Kudrow, and the late Fred Willard.

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