Oscar Winning Actress Argues Acting is for the Rich

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Actress Judi Dench argues that young actors are being held back by the wealth divide.

According to the Guardian, Oscar winning actress Judi Dench argues that working-class talents are being lost due to the high cost of drama school training. “Anyone who’s in the theatre gets letters countless times a week asking for help to get through drama school. You can do so much, but you can’t do an endless thing. It is very expensive.” Dench added that “where you went to learn and make your mistakes and watch people who knew how to do it”

Judi Dench
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Actress, Cassie Bradley argued that it is very difficult to become an actress nowadays.

“It was very difficult. I’m from a single-parent family in inner-city Nottingham. […] Mum was talking about remortgaging the house. I also had three jobs while I was at drama school [for three years]. I worked all summers, holidays, as well as having a weekend job while I was there. I worked in a clothes shop, a restaurant…

“A lot of us don’t go into this profession because we think we’re going to earn a lot of money or become famous. We do it because we love it and we’re passionate about it.We’re as passionate as people who want to teach or become nurses. If you don’t invest in people’s training, it’s going to have such a huge effect on not only our theatre industry, but also our culture.” [Source]

Ultimately, financial barriers to training have made the job only available to those that are wealthy.

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