On Camera Acting Audition Tips- How to Frame Yourself on Camera

On camera acting audition? Learn how to stay in the frame of the camera in this free video clip about starting an acting career.

Lori Wyman Casting presents a video on On Camera Auditioning Techniques where she describes of the importance of how to frame yourself on camera.

She mentions a set of tips.

  1. Ask the camera operator how you are being framed during the audition. Is the camera viewing you from waist up, full length, or simply a close up? Depending upon where the camera is located will reflect how you would act during the scene.
  2. Close Up – Emphasize your facial movements.
  3. Waist Up – Use your facial movements along with your hands to express emotions or feelings
Overall, it is extremely important to understand how you are being framed. By doing so it allows you to effectively use the camera and audition room to your advantage.

Expert: Lori Wyman
Contact: www.loriwymancasting.com
Bio: Lori S. Wyman, C.S.A., one of the most prominent Casting Directors in the southeast, has been in casting since 1979.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller