New York Talent Agencies You Should Know

Are you looking for an acting, dance or a New York talent agent? Here is a full list of New York talent agencies.

What’s the difference between an aspiring actor and a working actor? Often times it’s just a good agent.

New York’s film industry is booming with over 80 productions filming across New York City and the Tri-state area at one time. Numerous hit movies and popular TV shows have filmed in NYC, which makes having a New York talent agent important.

We pointed out in our guide to how to become an actor, you must find yourself a talent agent. Here is our list of New York talent agencies.

While we can’t recommend a specific Atlanta talent agency for you, we can direct you to a list New York talent agents and the best way to get into contact with the talent agency.


The following is a talent agent list with recognized agencies and talent agents you can trust in New York City:

New York Talent Agencies

Abrams Artists Agency (NY) 
275 7th Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(646) 486-4600

Leading talent and literary agency fostering the careers of prominent actors, writers, and digital influencers.

Agency for Performing Arts, Inc.(APA) (NY) 
135 West 50th Street, 17th floor
New York, NY 10020
(212) 687-0092

APA is one of the largest diversified talent agencies in Los Angeles with headquarters in Beverly Hills, New York, Nashville and London.

Aperture Talent (NY) 
300 Park Avenue South, Suite 201
New York, NY 10010
(212) 271-1634

Aperture represents some of the most talented actors in film, TV and theater. We pride ourselves on recognizing emerging talent and helping to foster their development. Our agents are very hands-on and work closely with each and every client to help grow and nurture their careers. We represent many established working actors as well as up-and-coming talent.

Arcieri & Associates (NY)
6 East 39th Street, #1202
New York, NY 10016
(212) 286-1700

Arcieri & Associates Talent Agency represents celebrity and non-celebrity artists in all areas of Commercials, Voiceovers, Documentaries, Network Promos, Theatrical Trailers, Industrials, Audio Books, Animation and New Media.

Atlas Talent Agency/LA, Inc. (NY) 
15 East 32nd St., 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
(212) 730-4500

When Atlas Talent Agency opened its doors, its mission was to revolutionize the Commercial Voice-Over Talent Agency experience. By creating a true partnership, we have been able to super-serve our Voice Over Clients worldwide.

Avalon Artists Group, Inc. (NY) 
45 W. 29th Street, Suite 403
New York, NY 10001
(212) 868-3200

Avalon Artists Group is a full-service talent agency representing actors across the United States with offices located in Los Angeles and New York and representatives in Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami. We offer representation in Film, TV, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Over, Print, Industrials and Hosting.

BMG Talent Group (NY )
116 W. 23rd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
(212) 279-6800

BMG Models & Talent is a full service, boutique modeling agency representing men, women and kids for print and on-camera.

BRS/Gage Talent Agency (NY) 
1650 Broadway, Suite 1410
New York, NY 10019
(212) 757-0098


Buchwald (NY)
10 East 44th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 867-1200

BUCHWALD was launched by Don Buchwald and five associates in 1977. Today, with offices in New York and Los Angeles, we are an industry leader in talent representation.

Carlton, Goddard and Freer Talent, Inc. (NY)
352 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1501
New York, NY 10001
(212) 379-6822


CESD Talent Agency (NY) 
333 7th Avenue, #1102
New York, NY 10001
(212) 477-1666

CESD is one of the nation’s most prestigious commercial, voice-over, print, digital influencer, theatrical/TV-film and young performer talent agencies and a dominant force in our industry. Based in the media capitals of the world, New York City and Los Angeles, the company’s unique dimensions include offering performers complete representation for on-camera and voice-over commercials, digital, print/fashion, beauty, dance, animation and gaming, hosting, puppeteers, promos/trailers/narration, and television and radio affiliate marketing.

Clear Talent Group (NY ) 
325 West 38th Street, #1203
New York, NY 10018
(212) 840-4100

Clear Talent Group is a full-service talent agency headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in New York and New Orleans with partnerships in Chicago and Atlanta. Established in 2003, CTG has assembled a staff of respected agents that represents actors, models, young people, directors, dancers, choreographers and designers in all areas of the entertainment industry.

Daniel Hoff Agency, Inc. (NY)
1370 Broadway, Suite 536
New York, NY 10018
(347) 620-4633

The Daniel Hoff Agency is one of the most successful and well-respected talent agencies in Los Angeles.

Douglas, Gorman, Rothacker & Wilhelm, Inc. (NY) 
33 West 46th Street, Suite 801
New York, NY 10036
(212) 382-2000


Gersh Agency (NY) 
41 Madison Ave., 33rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 997-1818

With offices in Beverly Hills and New York, Gersh maintains twelve full-service departments: Talent, Literary, Film Finance, Books, Comedy, Theater, Production, Alternative, Digital, Branding, Commercial Production and Commercial Endorsements. The agency’s roster of clients includes award-winning actors, writers, producers, directors and production talent in film, television, new media, branded content, and stage. For over seven decades, Gersh has remained one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry

HCKR Agency (NY) 
214 W. 29th St., Suite 1203
New York, NY 10001
(212) 977-8502

ICM Partners, LLC (NY) 
65 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 556-5600

ICM Partners is dedicated solely to the representation of artists, content creators, authors, artisans and journalists. Many of the biggest hits in motion pictures, television, music, and publishing were created on the page, on the stage, in front of, and behind the camera by the agency’s clients. The company has the expertise of a legacy agency, with decades in the business, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of its agent owners who bought the company in 2012, and operate it with its client’s best interests at the forefront of everything they do. The firm has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and London.

Innovative Artists, Inc. (NY) 
235 Park Avenue South, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-6900

Innovative Artists has established a distinctive niche among the agency representation landscape by providing incomparable, personalized service which prioritizes the interest of its clients first and foremost.

McDonald/Selznick Associates Inc. (NY) 
1115 Broadway, #1056
New York, NY 10010
(646) 237-6928

MSA believes that amazing things happen when the right people connect. We introduce our top talent to every corner of the entertainment industry and turn our clients dreams into actual accomplishments. As the industry’s pioneering dance agency, we’ve always been ahead of the curve, leading the market with cutting-edge ideas and innovation.

Nicolosi & Co., Inc. (NY) 
150 West 25th St., Suite 1200
New York, NY 10001
(212) 633-1010

Having represented clients in the framework of traditional agencies, Jeanne Nicolosi recognized the emerging changes in entertainment media and live performance markets and felt that a more open, flexible, nimble, and team-oriented form of representation could offer greater opportunities for talent.

In 2002 she established nicolosi & co. which quickly became one of New York’s most respected agencies in the areas of film, television and theatre.

Paradigm Talent Agency LLC (NY)
140 Broadway, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10005
(212) 897-6400

Paradigm Talent Agency provides global representation to a diverse and dynamic roster of artists and content creators in television, live music, motion pictures, theatre, digital, book publishing, content finance, and brand partnerships. While known for discovering and developing culturally significant artists, it’s our 30-year track record of cultivating lucrative and creatively fulfilling careers for the artists we represent that sets our agency apart. Paradigm’s team, located in the U.S., Canada and Europe, are disciplined, passionate and focused on generating opportunities that matter to Paradigm’s clients and partners, while never, ever losing sight of the unique creative visions of the artists and creators we represent.

Stewart Talent Inc (NY)
318 W. 53rd St., #201
New York, NY 10019
(212) 315-5505

Stewart Talent is a leading, national talent agency with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. We offer dedicated, comprehensive talent representation with an expertise in all four major US markets. Stewart Talent represents talent in all areas of television, film, theatre, voice-over, commercial, print, industrial, theatrical directors, and stylists.

TalentWorks NY (NY) 
505 8th Avenue, #603
New York, NY 10018
(212) 889-0800

TalentWorks was founded in 1982 by Harry Gold, a former professional actor. The agency was conceived from that perspective. Originally called Harry Gold & Associates and afterward Gold, Marshak, the agency was permanently named TalentWorks in 2004. TalentWorks represents actors of all ages in Film, TV, Theater and Commercials and is considered one of the finest and most enduring talent agencies in the business.

United Talent Agency LLC (UTA) (NY)
888 7th Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 659-2600

One of the biggest talent agencies in the world, United Talent Agency represents many of the world’s most acclaimed figures in every current and emerging area of entertainment and media, including motion pictures, television, music, digital, broadcast news, books, theatre, video games, fine art and live entertainment. The agency is also globally recognized in the areas of film finance, film packaging, branding, licensing, endorsements and representation of production talent. UTA additionally provides corporate consulting, venture funding and strategic advisory services to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. In 2015, UTA acquired The Agency Group, the world’s largest independent music agency, to form UTA Music, a leading music touring and representation practice. UTA has offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Nashville, Miami, and Malmo, Sweden.

11 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(212) 586-5100

Formed in 1898, William Morris Agency is the longest-running talent agency. In 2009, WMA merged with Endeavor to become one of the leading entertainment and media companies with an unparalleled list of artists and content creators. In 2014, WME acquired IMG, the global leader in sports, events, media and fashion, forming Endeavor.

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