Looking for an Agent? Wilhelmina Models is Open Calls and New Models Submissions

Project Casting

At Wilhelmina,they represent a variety of different professional models.

Ranging in every age, size and ethnicity. However, they limit themselves a specific amount of models in each category.

For example, the height requirement for female models is 5’ 8” and above. For male models it is 6’ 0” and above. They also, do not have a petite models division.

Wilhelmina’s  lifestyle / commercial boards represent men and women and their children’s division represents boys and girls ages 0 – 14. There are no open calls for children. Photos of children under 14 are only accepted through the mail.

If you attend an Open Call with Wilhelmina  bring digital snapshots, portfolios or composites to an open call. Bring photos that show your natural look. It is best to dress casually and apply simple makeup.

Wilhelmina New York has open calls for W Curve. Wilhelmina Los Angeles has open calls for Women and Men. Wilhelmina Miami has open calls for anyone 14 and older.

If you cannot attend an open call, please send your photos by mail. If our agents are interested, we will call to set up an appointment.

Open Calls

Los Angeles

300 Park Avenue South
NY, NY 10010
Submit photos by mail or drop off. Please specify division.

1st Wednesday of each month
10AM to 11AM
17- 25 years old. At least 5’9”
Dress Size: 12 to full 16.
Photos required.


Wilhelmina at the Mondrian
1100 West Avenue, Suite 326
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Thursdays, 2PM to 4PM
Must be 14+. Photos required.
Photos can be emailed to:[email protected]

Wilhelmina Los Angeles*
9378 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 310
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tuesday and Thursday, 3PM-4PM
15-23 years old. 5’8” or taller.
Wednesday, 3PM-4PM
16-25 years old. 6’ or taller.

Wilhelmina Miami and Wilhelmina Los Angeles are also accepting photo submissions through email.

Wilhelmina New York accepts photo submissions through the mail.

All photos must be mailed directly to our agency.


Wilhelmina request that models send at least one clear full face head shot and one clear full length body shot. The most important thing is that we see a natural you. No makeup is needed.

Please do not send nude photos. You can send a composite, if you have one, along with the face and body polaroids.

Do not send your portfolio.

Anyone interested in sending photos to be reviewed by Wilhelmina agents should send them to:


300 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010


9378 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 310
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Wilhelmina at the Mondrian
1100 West Avenue, Suite 326
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Wilhelmina Miami is accepting photo submissions by email: [email protected].

Wilhelmina Los Angeles is accepting photo submissions by email for:

Men: [email protected]

Women: [email protected]

*Please email 2-4 photos only. Photos should be no larger than 800 pixels in height or width. Wilhelmina will only accept files that are smaller than 1 MB.