Actor Jason Momoa Thought He Was Auditioning For A Villain When He Auditioned For Aquaman

Jason Momoa revealed he thought Warner Bros. was considering him to play a villain when they brought him in to audition.

Years before Momoa made his screen debut as Arthur Curry, the actor was called in by director Zack Snyder to read for the part of the Caped Crusader himself, though the Game of Thrones star quickly saw through this audition ploy.

In a recent interview with This Morning, Momoa revealed“No, Zack called me in to do a kind of generic, general audition for Batman, but I knew I would not be playing Batman. So, I kind of just said, ‘No,’ I wasn’t going to go in. My agents called me again, like, ‘You need to go in, Zack wants to see you.’ So, I went in and I just played that audition completely opposite of what you’re supposed to play [as Batman>. I pretended like Batman was killed in an alleyway and I just picked up the suit and played it however I wanted to. Which is kinda like Aquaman.”

After presenting this knowing inappropriate version of Bruce Wayne, Momoa figured that he was in the running to play one of the bad guys, and when Snyder told him what part he had really auditioned for Momoa needed a moment to process it.

“So, then he called me back in his office and said, ‘Do you know why you’re here. I’m like, ‘I got no idea.’ Because by then Ben had been casted… I kind of figured I was going to play the bad guy. He was like, ‘I want you to play Aquaman.’ I’m like, ‘Come again?’ Then I had to keep it a secret for almost two years”

After making a brief cameo in Batman V Superman and serving as part of an ensemble in Justice League, Arthur Curry is finally getting the spotlight to himself with James Wan’s upcoming flick, and if the early audience feedback and box office projections are anything to go by, then the movie should be a huge hit to launch the hero’s cinematic solo career off to a strong start.

While Momoa could well have made for a fine DC villain, it sounds like the star’s doing a pretty good job playing Aquaman.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st.

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