‘Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike Shares Amazing Acting Tips

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Here’s some amazing acting advice from actress Rosamund Pike.

Rosamund Pike played a manipulative and psychopathic Amy Dunne in the hit thriller Gone Girl. Her acting was so incredibly believable and shockingly amazing. But, Pike, 37, revealed she had an unusual method when it came to rehearsing her sex scenes for the film, when she appeared on The Graham Norton Show.

She explained: ‘I rehearsed with a Dora the Explorer doll in my back yard, probably in full view of the neighbors.’

Rosamund Pike
Lucky Team Studio / Shutterstock.com

And it wasn’t just practicing the sex scenes that she focused her attention on ahead of filming. Rosamund Pike also got violent with pieces of meat at a butchers to replicate Anne’s killer instinct.

She told Graham: ‘I’d never cut anyone’s throat so I went to a local butchers and with great determination set about the carcasses with a Stanley knife in full view of customers.’

Watch the full interview below: