Disney Star Committed Suicide After Fighting ISIS: ‘Something happened over there. He saw something”

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When news broke that Disney star Michael Mantenuto had committed suicide the entertainment industry was shocked. But many people did not know at the former actor joined the military concert overseas fighting ISIS in both Iraq and in Syria with the US special forces.

While the actor is best known for the movie Miracle about the US hockey team, police found the star in his car in Washington state dead from a gunshot wound. According to the coroner, the University of Maine graduate shot himself in the head. However, his family believes his suicide can be attributed to his time fighting ISIS.

Michael left Hollywood in 2010 to join the US Army’s special forces. During his most recent appointment, he was sent on Operation Inherent Resolve, with the mission of fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq, according to TMZ.

Family members revealed that after he returned from the tour, Mantenuto had changed.

 ‘Something happened over there. He saw something,’ his family said.