Daniel Radcliffe Shares Amazing Acting Tips

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Daniel Radcliffe shares acting tips and techniques he used for the movie Swiss Army Man.

Daniel Radcliffe plays an interesting role in the upcoming feature film, Swiss Army Man. In the movie the Harry Potter star plays a powered dead body who is used by a man (Paul Dano) to survive on a deserted island. And the role was a lot harder than you think.

Speaking with the New York Times, Radcliffe notes some of the acting techniques that went into playing a dead body in Swiss Army Man. Radcliffe says it takes mental effort to play such a different kind of character. He argues, “You just sort of have to use your imagination when you’re playing something that doesn’t exist. But that’s a good thing. As long as you’re giving the directors what they want, there’s no really wrong answer.”

Radcliffe adds, “I started out wheezy, like if a bellows had a voice box. Then I had to imagine that rigor mortis has set in, so his jaw is kind of stiff but starts loosening up as he comes more to life.”

Radcliffe also reveals how he came up with a facial expression for the entire movie,  “I came up with [that] when I was playing around with stupid facial expressions in the mirror. I thought it was [something] everybody could do, but when I showed it to the directors, they were like, do that!”

Otherwise, Radcliffe had to remain extremely still throughout the movie. “There’s really no trick. You just do it. There was also an element of not wanting to [mess up] the take and ruin Paul’s beautiful performance.”

You can watch the trailer for Swiss Army Man below:


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