[WATCH] 'Creed' Director Reveals How He Shot the Famous One Shot Scene

Ryan Coogler gives you a piece of filmmaking advice in this amazing clip on how he shot the now famous one shot scene.

After a surprising turn out in the Box Office, the latest Rocky movie directed by Ryan Coogler has shocked and awed audiences and critics. The NY Times has been running its Anatomy series for a while now, and here Ryan Coogler breaks down a particularly intense scene in the movie, which was filmed in one single take. If you haven't heard of the film yet, you can watch the trailer below: And here's a clip explaining how the scene got started: It took 13 time tries before Coogler said it was time to move onto the next scene. Coogler would end up using the eleventh scene. From Buzzfeed: Jordan said he spent a month in rehearsals and choreography for Creed’s boxing matches, of which Coogler said roughly a week was spent blocking out the one-take fight. But Jordan wasn’t just working with the real-life professional boxer, Gabriel Rosado, who played his opponent in that match — he was also working with the main Steadicam camera operator, Benjamin Semanoff. “Ben started taking boxing classes so he could prepare for this moment,” said Coogler. A boxing ring was set up next to the production office, where Jordan, Rosado, Semanoff, Coogler, cinematographer Maryse Alberti (The Visit, The Wrestler), and stunt coordinator Clayton J. Barber could run through the scene step by step. Later, Stallone and co-star Tessa Thompson, who plays Adonis’s girlfriend Bianca, were brought in for a day to work out how, when, and where they would come into the scene. Here is a cool interview with Coogler explaining his process behind the new 'Creed' movie. It is worth pointing out how the filmmaking style of the 'Rocky' franchise has canged over time. The new movie was an attempt to bring back teh original flavor and feel of the first 'Rocky' movie. What do you think of the new 'Creed' movie? Do you think it will spark a new line of 'Creed' feature films? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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