Central Casting 201 – Standing In Los Angeles Career Enrichment Class

Project Casting
Central Casting Los Angeles recently posted the following Career Enrichment Class.

What is a Stand In?

Stand-ins are the unsung heroes of movie making. While an background actor may be seen on camera, a stand-in’s only role is as a photo double. That’s the person who pretends to be the actor while directors are setting up their shots. If actors had to spend the day standing on the set, they would be too tired to do any acting.

Hello Everyone,
Central Casting would like to invite registered background actors to a career enrichment class: Central Casting 201 – Standing In. This class will take place on Tuesday March 12th beginning at 3:00PM lasting until approximately 5:00PM. This class is for those who want to find out more about stand in work. It will be hosted by our staff and we will also have a guest speaker from production; an AD from one of our shows or features. There is no charge for this class and it is part of our ongoing enrichment program. We look forward to seeing you there.