Can this $40,000 Georgia Film School Make You Famous?

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University of Georgia unveils a new Master’s program for aspiring screenwriters.

Screenwriters are one of the highest paid crew members in a blockbuster movie. However, it’s worth pointing out that computer engineers created an algorithm that wrote a movie script, which may defeat the purpose of screenwriters in the future. You can watch that video below.

But, until then, Hollywood executives are constantly looking for new movie scripts. And that’s why University of Georgia’s new Master of Fine Arts program is so amazing.

University of Georgia offers a Master of Fine Arts in Narrative Media Writing in Athens, Georgia. This is one of the first writing programs that offers students the opportunity to learn how to write a screenplay or write and publish a non-fiction book.

This is a big deal as Georgia’s film industry is constantly expanding and the need for actors, models, production assistants and even writers is increasing by the minute. From the AJC:

Students begin each semester by visiting the campus for an intensive eight to 10-day residency consisting of writing workshops, craft lectures, seminars and panel discussions across concentrations. They then return home to tackle a four-month series of writing assignments and book reviews. During this time, the student is paired with a faculty member.
The mentor and student meet each month either on Skype or by phone for a one-on-one exchange. The monthly sessions are designed to give students a chance to request additional feedback on their assignments, ask questions and get direction. By the end of the fifth semester, the students are teaching first semester low residency classes, using their own work.

But, it begs the question: Does a $40,000 Master’s degree lead to more jobs in the film industry? Maybe. According to the Art Career Project, if a low budget screenplay is purchased by a Writers Guild signatory, for instance, the minimum amount that a writer got paid in 2011 was $63,895. High budget screenplays, on the other hand, sold for a minimum of $119,954.

While technically no formal education is necessary for a screenwriting career, many aspiring screenwriters choose to earn some sort of related degree. Writing or screenwriting degrees, for instance, can help refine a screenwriter’s skills, and a film degree can help a screenwriter get a greater understanding of film production.


Applications that are interested in applying just need to send the following to University of Georgia’s Admissions: 

  • Personal Statement
  • A 20-page Writing Sample
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae


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