Should Actors Follow Up With a Casting Director After an Audition?

When actors should follow up with a casting director after an audition.

For those new to acting, it may be pretty interesting to find out why they may or may not have been given a role on a particular TV show or movie. But, should you really send a thank you card or an e-mail asking why?

Recent on /r/Acting, actors answered this question and it was pretty interesting to read their responses.

Do Not…

…don’t? It really depends on the CD; odds are good it will simply end up in the trash.

I’ve sent tiny gifts and thank you cards after booking roles, and even those were tossed, I suspect. If CDs got a thank you card from everyone who auditioned, they’d be buried in cards every day.

Also know that it will have zero impact on booking this role. Building a long-term relationship with the CD is another story, but again you really need to know the CD’s preference for this sort of thing. –ActorThrowaway867530

Just show up on time.

Best gift you can give them is be on time, pay attention and do the best fucking job you can so that they can book you and look like rock stars. I regret half the small talk remarks I make, they often seem to just received them in an awkward fashion. Just get good so they can keep calling you. Not wasting their time is the best way to show appreciation. – HilarityEnsuez

When to send a thank you letter

Send a thank you once you’ve booked the gig. Send follow up postcards to the CD once you’ve got a postcardable event happen, like booking another job etc. – welwood

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