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Acting Audition

Why Actors Should Use Auditions to Scope Out Producers and Casting Directors

Finding the right production company to work with can be just as crucial to your acting career as the performance you do. So, the next time you have an audition, check out the production offices, casting directors and people you come in contact with as you walk through the door to get an idea of what working there might be like.


  1. Don’t solely focus on your acting abilities
  2. Look around at your surroundings
  3. Check the mood of the office
  4. Do you want to work here?

When most people go in for an audition, they tend to focus on their acting abilities and impressing the casting directors. Casting directors assume the same thing, so they are not paying attention to being on their best behavior. That means when you walk through the audition room where you’re probably getting a glimpse of what it will be like to work on the set of the project.

So it’s a pretty good time to examine the company and see what they are all about.

Pay attention to how organized or chaotic business is conducted, and the mental/emotional state of the employees. Is everyone frazzled? Depressed? Lethargic? Angry? What kinds of comments are being exchanged, and in what tone?

The mood of an office during “business as usual” is a good indicator of what you’ll be experiencing if you’re hired. During your audition, notice whether you’re being given the director’s full attention and interest. Do they seem interested and engaged in what you’re saying?

It may be unfair to judge a producer, casting director or director solely based on a five-minute experience, but it’s also the one chance you might get to see what work is like before you head to set. Of course, you should always ask questions, if you are given the role. But, remember to evaluate your surroundings to understand what’s best for you – actors are only as good as their last project. So, it is important you enjoy the project and the people you’re working with.

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