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Walking Dead Actor Struggling to Find Other Roles

Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun is writing and producing his own projects to create better opportunities for Asian actors. Steven Yeun started working on his acting career in 2005. He left behind a lucrative career...
Project Casting

‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Says The Show Has Only One Season Left

A producer of The Walking Dead argues that illegal downloading of The Walking Dead, will most likely end the series in one to two seasons. Gale Ann Hurd has produced several hit productions including Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss,...
Project Casting

‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Adds a New Cast Member – The Wire’s Seth Gilliam

With people dying on The Walking Dead, faster than zombies in an apocalyptic movie, AMC zombie drama has needed to cast new actors for the series. AMC has recently announced that Seth Gilliam from HBO's The Wire, has joined Walking Dead as...
Project Casting

‘The Walking Dead’ – How to Become a Zombie on The Walking Dead!

Want to Become a Zombie on The Walking Dead? Well we will show you how. Casting directors are highly selective to whom they choose as a zombie. The best way to increase your chances to...
Project Casting

This New ‘Walking Dead’ Theory Changes Everything

Over on Reddit, a user created a theory about 'The Walking Dead' that seems to make more and more sense. At first, nobody paid notice. But, this new theory about the future of 'The Walking...
Project Casting

‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner Frank Darabont Sues AMC for MILLIONS

AMC's The Walking Dead is Getting Sued It seems like a page from the script of the series has transformed into real life. The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont is claiming that AMC has failed to...

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