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Paris Attacks – Several Videos Leak Online Showing the Brutal Attack [VIDEO]

Several videos have leaked online from the Paris attacks that occurred on Friday. According to reports, investigations into the series of terrorist attacks that killed over 100 people in Paris are quickly ramping up, with...
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The 4 Background Extras You Always Meet on Set

If you worked in the film industry long enough, then you tend to realize that there are certain types of people that always appear on set. You have the complainer, the guy that asks a ton...
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WWE Fan Jumps into the Ring in the Middle of a WWE Match!

When stupid goes stupid it gets pretty stupid. A WWE fan jumped into the ring in the middle of a wrestling match. Earlier this month, the WWE had a major security problem. Over the last...
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[WATCH] Surfing Event on Hold After Shark Attack Caught Live on TV

A surfing event is shut down after this shark attack was captured on live television. World champion sufer Mick Fanning was competing at an event in South African when a Shark came up from behind...
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Circus Performer Crashes to the Floor as Stunt Goes Wrong [Video]

Circo Hermanos Vasquez circus act goes horribly wrong after a circus performer crashes to the floor. Acrobats were performing at the Circo Hermanos Vazquez in Houston, Texas when they lost their grip and the woman...
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‘Furious 7′ Remade By Children is Pretty Amazing

‘Furious 7′ Remade By Children is Pretty Amazing and Cute! 'Furious 7' is doing extremely well in the box office. The crew earned a fortune last weekend and it doesn't look like they will be...

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