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Project Casting

Star Wars Actor Reveals His Early “Terrible” Acting Jobs

Oscar Isaac, the star of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a huge movie star nowadays. But, several years ago, he was a struggling actor doing odd jobs in order to pay the bills. One...
Project Casting

‘Who’s Your Daddy’ is The Most Sadistic Video Game You’ve Never Heard Of

Who's Your Daddy is a video game that started out as a practical joke, then became a Kickstarter project, and now it's gone viral. And the video game is all about a baby trying to kill...
Project Casting

Models Open Casting Call for Upcoming Video Game

Models Casting Call for Upcoming Video Game in Atlanta, Georgia Tripwire Interactive is looking for models to cast as characters in our soon to be announced video game title. We use a technique called photogrammetry...
Project Casting

“Need for Speed” Movie Casting Call for Police and Security Looking Extras

Casting directors are currently casting background actors to work for an upcoming scene in Atlanta. Need for Speed Movie Details: Need for Speed is based on the action-packed videogame racing franchise. This fast-paced, high-octane film is rooted...

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